January 9, 2018

MBP Workshop: February 10, 2018


And we couldn’t be more excited to share this with you!! But, I’m going to be honest…hosting a workshop feels really scary to me. It’s so easy to get caught up in what if *fill in the blank*, feeling like I’m not good enough, fear of what people with think, etc. But, I’ve learned that it’s okay to

do it afraid

So if it’s scary & uncomfortable, why am I still choosing to host a workshop?

  • I want to do things that scare me & things that push me outside my comfort zone! That’s where a lot of growth and beauty happen. Have you ever realized that in your own life? When you’re vulnerable and put yourself out there, SO much growth happens! Yes, you’re more prone to hurt & failure, but the benefits outweigh that in my mind/experience
  • We’ve been sponges to EVERYTHING this past year & a half and really feel like we have a lot of content and advice to share!!
  • We’re not going to pretend like we have it all together and know everything, but we do know a heck of a lot more than we did a year ago!!
  • We want to help people avoid making the same mistakes we have.
  • It forces me to trust God, His timing, and His plan for our business.
  • Drew and I love teaching people. Drew especially- it’s like he comes alive when he gets to teach someone something new! You shouldn’t feel stupid for something you simply don’t know.
  • I LOVE PEOPLE! I’m a high extrovert so making new friends and being in group settings is really energizing to me!
  • I LOVE HOSTING! It brings me SO much joy to welcome people into our home and love them in the exact condition they’re in- whether they feel like they’re on top of the world or their world just came crumbling down.
  • I love planning events. We’ve been planning the content to the workshop for months and a portion of the day is a styled shoot which is similar to a mini-wedding. So many fun & unique details go into this!

SO now you know my heart behind the workshop,

here’s all the details:

WHO: Photographers who are in the process of starting their business or who are in their first few years been of business

WHEN: February 10, 2018, 10 am-3:30 pm

WHERE: Our quaint hometown of Oxford, Ohio. Exact locations details will be sent to you upon registration.

WHY: Read the list above!


  • 3 hours of business and photography content from Monica and Drew Brown. ALL questions are fair game! Some topics you can expect we’ll cover include: Client Experience, Equipment, Taxes, Workflow, Marketing, Email, Templates, Boundaries, ISO/F-Stop/Shutter Speed, Culling & Editing, Outsourcing, Posing, and so much more!
  • Lunch
  • Styled-shoot for your practice and portfolio
  • Live examples of how Monica poses, explanation of what she’s doing, and all her camera settings during the styled shoot
  • Updated Headshots
  • Community & Networking: Having friends who are in your corner and also understand your business takes things to a whole new level! We hope you’ll connect with and start building relationships with other attendees as well as with Monica and Drew!

DETAILS: Registration is only live for ONE WEEK! Be sure to grab your spot before 5pm Tuesday January 16th!!

INVESTMENT: We wanted this workshop to be accessible to photographers at any stage in their business so you can get ALL of that for only $139!


For any questions, please email We can’t wait to hang out with you there!!!



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