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February 27, 2018

3 Tips for Finding Your Wedding Dress

If you’re on the hunt for your perfect wedding gown, here’s 3 tips to keep in mind during your search:

1.Have an idea of what you want

I think it’s important to have a general idea of what type of dress you’re interested in! Pinterest is a great resource or looking through wedding blogs like this one. If anything, to help elevate the overwhelming amount of options, narrow down a few styles that you really like or don’t like. If any of your family or friends are joining you for dress shopping, be sure to share your ideas with them 🙂

Some wedding dress types:

Check this out (found on Pinterest from StoryMixMedia). I found it SO SO helpful to see what the different wedding gown options are!

Tips for Finding Your Wedding Dress | Monica Brown Photography | Tips for Finding Your Wedding Dress | Monica Brown Photography |

2. Have an open mind

Now that you have your general idea of what style you like (or more importantly, what style you don’t like), HAVE AN OPEN MIND!! Yes it’s great to have an idea, but some dresses that you think will look terrible will actually look AMAZING on you!! And some that you think will be incredible aren’t as flattering. I’d recommend trying on some that you think you don’t like because it may fit your body type better than you’re expecting!

3. Have fun!!

There are a lot of details and situations about wedding planning that can be flat out stressful, but hopefully this isn’t one of them!! For me, when I saw myself looking back at me in the mirror standing in a stunning gown, veil in my hair… this was when it really started to feel REAL that I was marrying my best friend in just a few short months. And that all the planning, tears, laughter, and really just the full range of emotions was going to be SO worth it!!

This isn’t for everyone, but it can be SO MUCH FUN taking your bridesmaids, mom, soon-to-be mother-in-law, or close family members with you! You can even make a day of it & do a lunch before or ice cream after (honestly, both sound amazing!!). It’s always fun to get pampered and hang with your favorite ladies for the day 🙂

If your sweet mamma has passed away or can’t be there, I’d recommend going with some women who have been influential in your life.

I lost my mom when I was 15 and I mourned her more when I was planning my wedding, 8 years after she passed, then I ever had before. I was really excited to find a dress but it also felt like another slap in the face that my mom wasn’t going to be there with me for yet another milestone. Growing up, we’d drive by a local bridal boutique almost every day and I remember talking with my mom about going there together when I grew up. This wasn’t the case, but over the years God has had such a sweet way of providing women in my life, even though it’s not exactly how I wanted to be provided for.

I got the next best thing to my mom: my grandma and aunt. 🙂 The three of us went on a Friday to that very boutique that I’d always dreamed of going to. When I slipped into the third gown, my grandma, aunt, and I all agreed was the one. The next day I  had planned to go shopping in a nearby bridal district with my bridesmaids & mother-in-law. I tried on what felt like 30 dresses and I found a few that we all liked, but I kept coming back to the one I tried on the day before. We ending up going back to that local boutique to get the other dress. It’s so funny to me that the third one I tried on was my wedding dress! I had SO much fun to hanging with my favorite ladies who were all excited with me! It was just so encouraging to have so much support when I was struggling so much with my mom not being there. Whatever your situation, I hope you can go with people you love and have fun with it!! 


You’re going to be SO STUNNING in whatever dress you choose!!! You’re just one step closer to marrying the love of your life and THAT’S AMAZING!! I sincerely hope you have so much fun with this aspect of the wedding planning process!

Much love,


Tips for Finding Your Wedding Dress | Monica Brown Photography |

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