January 15, 2019

How we clean our cameras & lenses

Hey friend! I’m so glad you stopped by! Today I’m sharing the 2 items that we use before, during, and after weddings/sessions to keep our lenses & camera bodies clean. These $15 changes make a huge impact on the cleanliness of our gear so I highly recommend both!

1. Gioitto Rocket Blaster

This little do-dad is great at cleaning your gear! We use this on all our lenses + camera bodies before every wedding or session to make sure they’re clean! Since I shoot with only prime lenses, I’m constantly switching lenses so I keep it on me at all times just in case a little fleck of dust makes its way onto my lens. You basically squeeze it like a stress ball and the air thats released cleans everything off! It’s less than $9 and one of the best purchases we’ve made! You can find it on B&H here

2. Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes

You can buy this suckers all over the place because they are just basic technology wipes that can be used on your computer, iPad, phone, etc. Drew even uses them to clean his glasses on occasion haha. These are super helpful for any finger smudges or if the Gioitto isn’t able to remove whatever is making your lens/camera dirty.

Best of luck with keeping your gear nice & clean! Feel free to comment below with any questions!



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