We are Monica and Drew, a husband and wife photography team. I, Monica, am the dreamer, lead photographer and detail guru behind our business. Drew is the second shooter, tech support, and manager of all things business. We are college sweethearts based out of Oxford, Ohio and we're up for traveling anywhere!

We love to take beautiful images but the real heartbeat, or mission, of our business is to love God, love people, and preserve legacies. We want you to know that we deeply care about YOU and your marriage, not just your wedding day. As you fill your hearts and homes with memories of your wedding, we hope your images can serve as a reminder of your love in times of joy, in times of pain, and to future generations as you grow your legacy together.

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Traveling is hands down one of the most eye opening and energizing experiences for Drew and me. Getting to see other cultures, people, and places the Lord has created always blows us away! Collectively, we've traveled to 26 countries around the globe. As Susan Sontag would say, "[we] haven't been everywhere, but it's on [our] list." Check out where we've been and where we're dreaming of going next on our ever-expanding bucket list below! 



We live for

Junior year of college, Drew and I signed up for a social dance class with a few of our college buddies. At the time, we were friends that just so happened to be paired together (can you guess where this is going?). The first time I realized I had a thing for Drew was when I got ticked off that another girl was dancing with him. The nerve!! One thing led to the next and a few weeks later Drew asked me on our first date. Senior year we took 2 more dance classes and it became a really fun hobby (and workout!) that we could do together. We're a little rusty these days but our 2017 goal is to sign up for another dance class. 



We live for

Drew prefers cooking and I prefer baking. He has the dream to one day be trained in culinary arts in France and I'd totally be okay with it! Cooking together is one of our favorite date night traditions because it's relatively cheap, forces us to work together and be creative. The BEST part of cooking and baking is getting to eat our masterpieces (or epic fails) together. We also really value hosting others, which typically involves food. If you ever stop by, you can expect to leave with a full belly or goodie in hand.

cooking & baking




Listen to the sound track of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty in route 
Eat Lemon Drops before your ceremony
Tell on of your wedding guests about Dave Ramsey 
Drink San Pellegrino Sparkling Water when we get home

Google what to buy next at Magnolia on our drive over 
Drink Dr. Pepper at your reception & sneak a few bites of a Butterfinger
Slip into Birkenstocks for the ride home
Light all candles in site (especially warm vanilla sugar) to wind down at home

on your wedding day you can expect us to...

what we're dreamin' up

Things we'd love to do 
Adopt and/or Foster kiddos 
Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
Hot Air Balloon Ride 
Buy & pay off our first house the same day (Dave Ramsey enthusiasts)
Have a thriving vegetable garden 
Visit more National Parks: Yellowstone, Zion, Everglades, Joshua Tree
Go Sailing in the Ocean
Open a Bed & Breakfast when our kids grow up
See the Northern Lights
African Safari

Places we'd love to photograph weddings
New Zealand

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we've left pieces of our hearts all around the globe

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United Kingdom
United States
South Korea


Czech Republic

so what's the story?

How he proposed: Drew proposed at our favorite date spot in Hueston Woods State Park. With the help of our close friends, it was decked out with candles, lanterns, and rose petals. When we pulled up to our spot that evening, I was SO confused! I kept asking "What's going on?","Is this for us". He just laughed and led me down the path. Drew handed me a card that explained why he wanted to marry me. I used the candles to read the sweet letter and when I turned around, he was on his knee. We were so excited he put the ring on the wrong hand at first! We soaked it in together and a few minutes later, our friends emerged to hug & greet us. He then whisked me away to Texas Road house for my all time favorite meal: steak and potatoes. Drew scarfed down his meal in relief and I barely touched mine in shock. After dinner, we drove to Drew's parents house where we were greeted, tackled and hugged by more friends and family. It was so much fun to celebrate the night away with some of our favorite people and soak in the reality that we were gettin' hitched!

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Our first date: I lived with 7 of my best friends in college. Needless to say, Drew had his work cut out for him. He came over to our place & we cooked spaghetti squash topped with pesto+bacon, salad and pumpkin bars. We played 20 questions and danced around the kitchen to Spanish music. Food and dancing- he knew the way to my heart! 

How we met: We met the very first week of college through Cru, a college ministry we were involved in. I thought he was immature and he thought I was headstrong. We stayed acquaintances until one fateful day junior year of college.