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October 10, 2017

What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

This post is for all the current and future MB Brides to give you some practical tips & inspiration as you’re preparing for your engagement session!

1. We highly recommend only having two outfits

One dressier and one more casual. We suggest only two because the more outfits you have, the less time we have for portraits.

2. Make sure your casual & fancy outfits coordinate

If the bride is in a red dress and heels, the groom probably shouldn’t be in sandals and shorts 🙂 Make sure both your dressier & casual outfits are at the same level of fancy or casual
What to Wear to Your Engagement Session | Monica Brown Photography | monicabrownphoto.com3. The two Cs: COMFORTABLE & CONFIDENT!

Wear something you feel great in!! If you feel on top of the world when you wear red lipstick, do it! Or if there’s a cozy sweater you wear 4 days a week because you love it so much, it’s free game. I’ll teach you flattering poses, but you’ll love your engagement images so much more if you’re wearing something you feel both comfortable and confident in! The saying “confidence photographs well” really is true 🙂

4. Don’t be afraid to combine patterns & neutrals

Patterns & neutrals look fabulous together! If one of you is in a lot of patterns or colors, it’s sometimes best for the other to be dressed in more neutral colors.What to Wear to Your Engagement Session | Monica Brown Photography | monicabrownphoto.com5. You don’t have to exactly match to coordinate.

Different shades or patterns compliment each other well. For example, instead of you both wearing blue jeans and white shirts, I’d recommend one of you wearing the white shirt & the other in a pattern with a brighter color scheme- solids can compliment anything!Nature Engagement Session | Monica Brown Photography | monicabrownphoto.com

6. When it comes to patterns & plaids….the bigger the better!

Larger patterns always seem to photograph best (they’re easier for the camera to identify) so we definitely recommend larger!What to Wear to Your Engagement Session | Monica Brown Photography | monicabrownphoto.com7. Accessories are your friend!

Statement necklaces or earrings, scarves, a fun pair of heels, etc. They can completely change an outfit for the better! You can also take them off & switch them out- this takes much less time than an entire outfit change, but gives you the variation you’re looking for.

What to Wear to Your Engagement Session | Monica Brown Photography | monicabrownphoto.com

We can’t wait for you to rock out your engagement session attire!



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