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January 2, 2018

2018 Goals

Happy New Year everyone!!

The beginning of each year always seems to beckon us to reflect, recharge, and re-focus. Over our 11 day holiday break, Drew and I both set aside time to write out all of our goals & dreams for 2018 on paper. There’s something so refreshing and relieving when you write it all out! I like to break up goals in different areas of my life (i.e. personal, spiritual, physical, mental, business, etc.) and try to make them tangible so I can actually see myself accomplishing said goals. Some of the goals/dreams we wrote down are in our control & some aren’t. For the ones that are, we tried to  assign the goal/task to a specific 2018 month. I did this last year and it was SO helpful for me to “map” out our year!

For me, goals are flexible.

I know this next year will hold many unexpected hills and valleys so I try not to cling too tightly to the goals I’ve set in case it doesn’t happen on the timeline I’ve outlined. Or, at all. If I don’t do this, I end up feeling like a complete and utter failure, which just is not true. For me or for you!! On the other hand, I really appreciate setting goals for myself because it challenges me to push myself & to trust God in ways that I never thought possible.

Below, I’m sharing some of the goals I’ve set in different areas of my life in hopes that it will help get your brain stirring to set some goals for yourself as we enter this new year 🙂

Here are four tips I found (thanks Jasmine Star!) really helpful in creating my business goals:

  1. Create a List of Everything You Loved in Your Business in 2017

  2. Create a List of Everything You Disliked in Your Business in 2017

  3. List Ways You Could Omit/Outsource/Delegate the Things You Disliked (ex: hiring an assistant, outsourcing small tasks, saying no, etc.)

  4. List Your Top 5 Business Goals for the Year

Setting 2018 Goals | Monica Brown Photography |

Drew and I loved going through these questions together & found that it was super helpful to reflect on 2017 + look forward to 2018.

Here’s my answer to question #4:

  1. Photograph a destination wedding
  2. Attend an educational in-person workshop or conference
  3. Purchase & get extremely comfortable with off-camera lighting
  4. Continue to pray over all our couples engagements + marriages
  5. Double our 2017 revenue


  • Start saving $ for a house & adopting
  • Start + maintain weekly date nights with Drew


  • Join a new workout class (Zumba or spinning??)
  • Eat smaller portions


  • Find a mentor
  • Find a community group + church soon after we move in May 2018 (Drew graduates his masters program in May which means we’ll be moving soon after. Location is TBD, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know!)


  • Read a new book! Any suggestions???
  • Re-read “Changes that Heal” by Henry Cloud & “Anything” by Jenny Allen

I hope this has been a helpful read as you brainstorm your goals & dreams for this next year.

I’d love to hear some of your 2018 goals in the comments below!



Setting 2018 Goals | Monica Brown Photography |

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