March 1, 2018

Canon or Nikon?

If you’re a photographer then you’ve definitely come across this dilemma….

Which one is better: Canon or Nikon?

To be honest. BOTH ARE INCREDIBLE!! It really is just your personal preference, because both companies offer extremely high quality equipment.

I’ve personally shot with and enjoy both Nikon and Canon. In high school, I shot with a Nikon for Yearbook class and that’s when I got hooked on photography. My sophomore year of high school, my parents bought me my own Nikon camera & I used that to photograph anything that walked. We have A LOT of pictures of my  childhood cat and dog as a result haha. In college, I bought myself a Canon Rebel t5i and that’s when my interest in photograph began to grow a lot more. Two months after graduating college, I started at my first day job, which required photography and occasional videography. During that time I shot with a Nikon D610. Later that year, I decided I wanted to make the leap and turn my hobby into a full blown business and I purchased a Canon 5d mark iii & Drew a Canon 6D. I’ve LOVED every camera I’ve used in each stage of the game. And each camera was perfect for my level of growth. Several of our photographer friends shoot with Nikon and they swear by it.

So, you may have read this wanting to know if you should choose Canon or Nikon….

my advice to you?

Try both! See what you like and don’t like. Rent one or try a friend’s. Canon or Nikon- it’s a win win either way my friend!

Best of luck to you!!



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