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March 20, 2019

Nashville, TN Girls Weekend Recap & Recommendations Galore

I headed to Nashville, Tennessee with my two sister-in-laws & mother-in-law for a Brown gals girls trip this past weekend! We had INCREDIBLE weather, ate so much good food & sweet tea, had fun seeing old friends, listening to live music, and just spending time together! We took most of our pictures on iphones but I did sneak in a few on my nice camera Saturday.

Hope you enjoy #thebrowngals weekend recap!

If you’re planning a Nashville trip in the future, I left TONS of recommends (for food, dessert, fun activities and areas to check out) at the end of this post so be sure to scroll to the bottom! My desire is for this to be a helpful Nashville resource for you! 🙂

We thought it was funny that we all unintentionally “matched” on our way to Nashville so had to document it! haha We had dinner at Burger Up before we headed downtown. HIGHLY recommend- one of the best burgers & fries ever! This cute mural was right by the front door of the east side locationDowntown on Broadway! While downtown, I got to see one of my best friends from college (Megan) who lives in Colorado but was also in town for the weekend!

Saturday morning we tried to go to Frothy Monkey but the line was out the door…so we jumped ship and headed to Portland Brew & cozied up on a couch 🙂

We loved this flower mural in 12 south!

Squinty eyes…haMy mother-in-law loves animals so of course we had to get a picture with the bison! We waited in line for 25 minutes to get pictures in front of the wings. There’s also little wings to the right of the larger mural (for kids, pets, or sitting grown adults) so we took advantage of both!

Going to Pinewood Social was one of my favorite stops! It was super busy the day we went but I would 10/10 recommend!! They have food, a cool bar area, bowling, a fun outdoor are with ping pong (yes, we played!) and some other outdoor games. When its a bit warmer, they open up the pool area that’s just outside the courtyard!

TIP: Parking at Pinewood social is FREE if you validate your ticket at the front desk. We spent time at Pinewood then left our car in the lot and headed downtown on scooters, had fun downtown, then scootered back to the car. It’s a great way to get free parking if you’re heading into the heart of the city!

Humphreys Street Coffee Shop has some of the BEST hot chocolate I’ve ever had! For someone who doesn’t like coffee & sticks to tea/hot chocolate- that’s saying somethings! I really LOVE the vibes/ascetic in this coffee shop too!

We went to Five Daughters Bakery (12 south location) on Saturday but we were all so full from lunch at Edley’s BBQ that we didn’t get anything haha. SO Sunday we came back with Jill (another one of my good college friends!) and LOVED the delicious donuts they create!! The 100 layer donuts take 3 days to make and you just seriously have to try them!! Plenty of GF options too 🙂

This trip made me SOO ready for spring back home!! It’ll be here before we know it!


There’s honestly TOO many options/things you could do for one weekend. We opted to do free activities and hit some of the best food spots! Since things are a bit spread out, I’ll separate them by locations below. Friday we did the east side and headed downtown. Saturday we did 12 south, the Gulch, and headed back downtown. Sunday we did 12 south again then headed home!

East Side

  • Burger Up– this was the BOMB! We went to the east side location which has a cute little mural near the front entrance
  • Rosepepper– votes best margarita in Nashville!
  • The Post– cute breakfast place- great GF & vegan options

12 South

The Gulch

  • #WhatLiftsYou wing mural
  • Biscut love– great breakfast!
  • Shopping/walking around the Gulch- we took the ballon pictures in Kittenish 


  • Pinewood social– this isn’t in the heart of downtown but close ish. If you’ve never been, make sure to ask for a tour! TIP: Parking at Pinewood social for FREE (validate your ticket inside) and take scooters to the heart of downtown 
  •  Explore Broadway at night- rooftop bars, live music, it was St. Patricks weekend in our case so got a little crazy but was fun for the first bit! We wanted to go line dancing at the Wild Horse Saloon but it was closed for a private event
  • Dessert downtown at Mike’s Ice Cream
  • Corner Pub Downtown– sports bar with good food
  • Wild Horse Saloon– line dancing downtown

We-Ho (aka Wedgewood Houston)

Other Recommendations:

Two of my good college friends live in Nashville (shoutout to Erica & Jill!) and I’ve visited a few time previously so here’s some other great recommendations:

I hope that this can be a helpful resource to you if you plan a trip to Nashville in the future! Comment below if you have any questions or if you have any suggestions to add to the list above!!



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