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August 6, 2019

When to Wear a Veil on your Wedding Day

If you’re on the fence about wearing a veil, I 100% of the time recommend it!! Veils can really add to your bridal look and make for some dreamy sunset portraits! However, there are a few times during a wedding day that I do not recommend wearing a veil. 

Before I share when to wear your veil, I want to explain WHY I only recommend wearing it during certain parts of your wedding day. The most common example is during family pictures. If the bride is wearing her veil, her groom, dad, grandma, aunt, or anyone else coming close to her often puts their arm on top of the veil which then causes the veil to either pull out completely or mess up the bride’s hair. The is super common with First Looks with your groom and dad too because you’re both so excited to see each other, you go in for a BIG hug and seconds later your hair is messed up and your veil is on the ground. So with that, here’s when I recommend to rock your veil and when to leave it off: 

When to steer clear from your veil:

  1. First Looks
  2. Bridal Party Pictures
  3. Family Portraits
  4. Reception

With this, I know some brides want to wear their veil the whole day and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!! It just takes some more communication to everyone coming into contact with you to put their arm under your veil to not pull it out or mess up your hair. 

When I recommend wearing your veil:

  1. Bride & Groom portraits before you’re ceremony
  2. During your wedding ceremony (this is especially fun if you do a First Look to give you a different “look” when you come down the isle!) 
  3. Bride & Groom portraits and sunset portraits 

Cheering for you as you continue to plan for your special day! 



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