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November 22, 2019

Colorado Vacation Recap

We headed to Colorado at the beginning of October to photograph Marisa & David’s wedding but we made a little vacation out of our time there! During our 6 day adventure we went to Fort Collins, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain Park, and Boulder. We got to see some of our close friends from college who live out there (thanks for hosting us Megs & Hans!) and just soak up the beauty of Colorado. Drew has been going there in the summer every other year since he was a kid but he said the fall takes it to a whole new level and I would definitely agree!

Hope you enjoy a little recap of our trip + the STUNNING views of Colorado in the fall! My favorite ones from Bear Lake are at the very bottom of the post.

What a stud ^
I loved that there were little pockets of yellow, fiery orange and red everywhere!
I bumped all my settings down super low so it would let the sun flares in like that! We had a lot of fun experimenting with landscape images (like the stars pictured at the end of this post)
The Highlander was super fun to drive here!!
The reflection on the lake as the sun went down- it was so breathtaking!
Check out those stars!!
Not sure if the streak in the top left is an air plane or a shooting star but I’m going with shooting star haha

Until next time friends!



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