May 26, 2021

Nora’s Eighth Month

Sweet Nora Sue is EIGHT MONTHS OLD! Wow. That feels really old. I mean I know in comparison it’s really not but it sure does feel like its flying by. We love our growing, happy, wiggly girl!!

Some things we’ve learned:

-She LOVES to laugh and smile!! It’s pretty easy to get her to do both, especially if her daddy is around! Still no teeth yet so it’s just a bunch of gummy smiles that we can’t get enough of!!

-She’s starting to like real food/get the hang of eating! She’s tried banana, avocado, apple, sweet potato, pears, carrots, squash, strawberries, mango, and pumpkin. So far her favorites have been carrots, mango and pumpkin (I’m seeing a color theme there)! She’s “tolerated” all other foods before but really seems like something has started to click with eating!

-She still loves bath time, diaper changes and really anything with minimal clothing ha.

-She’s babbling “dada”, among other things, all the time.

-She loved meeting her great grandma & grandpa (Drew’s mom’s parents) for the first time! They came to visit Indy toward the end of this month and it was so special for them to finally meet her!! It was hilarious because for a good minute or so, she just started at grandma. It didn’t take long for her to get comfortable and start babbling though!

-She seems to “take it all in” when we’re around new people or in a new setting (just like her daddy!), which just means she’s really quiet and looks around a lot. After a little bit of time though she’s back to her babbling, bubbly self.

-Home girl has some pipes on her! We think she’ll be a soprano. Or a pterodactyl. It’s up for debate.

-She’s still rolling back to front and front to back…diaper changing has become quite difficult these days because all she wants to do is roll around ha.

-She can sit up on her own unassisted, but not for very long still.

-She started this violently rock back & forth move which is a little terrifying when she’s in her high chair!

-She’s starting to inch worm! She now does a backwards scoot, starting on April 10th. She pushes up on all fours quite a bit but still no crawling yet.

-I’m not sure if she just really LOVES drinking water or if its more that she just really loves cups but she does a happy dance whenever we give her a sippy cup, straw to drink out of or assist with drinking water out of one of our cups.

-She’s resilient! Baby girl had her first fall when she rolled off the bed while we were in Hilton Head. I cried A LOT and felt super terrible. Both of Nora’s grandmas, my cousins who have kids and her pediatrician were all very comforting!! Thankfully it was a short fall onto a carpet and we’re thinking she actually fell onto her booty then backwards so that broke her fall. She didn’t skip a beat- I think it was more traumatizing for me than her!!

-She is definitely more aware of people & surroundings now! The last 2 weeks of this month she has especially been wanting mommy, which I’m soaking up because I know that will pass soon!

-At the very end of this month, we think she’s starting teething because she’s been more fussy, clinging to mommy, rubbing at her ears, drooling A LOT, sucking on everything (that hasn’t changed) especially hard things, and some of her sleep schedule has been off. Hopefully relief is in sight soon!!

Some Highlights:

-First family flight

-First time to Hilton Head, South Carolina (my parents babysat her while I shot Sam & Caitie’s wedding + Drew was in the wedding)

-Her first time in the pool!

-Meeting her great grandma & great grandpa Pollock (Drew’s mom’s parents) for the first time!

-Overall she’s been doing great with babysitters + taking her bottle as we photograph weddings and do house renovations. We are especially grateful for nana & aunt Addie who watched her a ton the last month!!

-Meeting more of our friends for the first time!

-Unlce Dan visiting for 6 days. He helped us A TON on the new house while here!!

-I’m still nursing Nora and that’s still going really well! This month I got milk blisters for the first time (no fun!) that lasted about a week but other than that, its been great. I would love to keep doing this until she’s closer to a year old, but we’ll see how she does/if my supply changes at all.

-She’s still sleeping like a champ, even when we travel! PTL!!

-My first Mother’s Day with her outside of my belly.

-Her hair is getting long so we’ve started putting it up in a hair tie + bow. On occasion if it is just a clip on bow, she pulls it out.

-She’s been doing AMAZING with all the crazy of our life recently- packing up our rental house, traveling, wedding season starting, fixing up our new house and all that goes into moving. It’s been A LOT but we’re super thankful she’s blissfully unaware, keeping us smiling/entertained. Nana + Aunt Addie + our small group friends have all been AMAZING in helping watch her! Since it doesn’t smell like fumes as much at the new house, the last few times I’ve brought her with me & worn her on my back in the Ergobaby which has been fun.

My parents came to HH to babysit her while I photographed the Creech wedding + Drew was in it! It was so fun + sweet to have them there with us!!
Nora had quite the watch party for her first time in a pool
This was on our way from breakfast with Drew’s family the day before the wedding (they were all attending which was fun!)
Fancy lunch with my parents! Gigi got Nora a new toy that she loved! Also wow crazy she can (ish) fit into high chairs at restaurants now!
*don’t be alarmed, my dad IS holding her car seat here!
Rehearsal Dinner fun & meeting Lisa Creech for the first time!
meeting my friend Marisa from college!
Nora did AMAZING on her 2 flight to SC and 2 flight home!
my SIL Katie- we were all on the same initial flight home!
Yup, I sure did wear the same outfit on travel days. Nora on the other hand, had multiple outfit changes both days haha.
She’s a lot more aware now so loves to play with her toy basket
Chilling at the new house while we do more updates!
My brother Dan came to visit for 6 days to help us with house renovations and that was such a HUGE blessing!! Of course had to get in baby snuggles too!
Baby “play dates” with the McCrady kids and Genesis Jackson!
first day with her hair in a pony tail like bam’s getting so long!
Ugh I love you I love you I love you sweet girl!!!
she’s the cutest sleeper we know!!
My first official Mother’s Day! Drew got me a “mama” sweatshirt which I love!!
Visits with great grammy & grampy (Drew’s dad’s parents)
Wearing her on my back with the Ergobaby carrier for the first and second time! It was a success and SO helpful for 1) protesting her nap and 2) being fussy/clingy…all thanks to teething!
Soo many sweet friends have helped us at the new house!! Grateful is an understatement!

Until next month friends!



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