September 16, 2021

Nora’s Eleventh Month

Some Highlights:

-Her first & second time to the Indiana State Fair (in the same day ha). We went for lunch with family & dinner with friends. She did have a rough night after and we think its because of all the fried food I ate affected her little tummy- poor thing! She loved the animals and people watching though! She’s starting to say “moo” sometimes so that was really cute when we were by the cows.

-Mini photoshoot with her Uncle JT in downtown Indy (shoutout to JT Brown Creative)

-Celebrating her grandpa Doug’s 60th birthday!!

-First time to the Wagner lake house

-She took her first steps!! She’ll do about 5-6 at a time then drop down.

-Her first tooth popped through (that happened in the SAME day as her first steps!)

-Playing with her friend Genna (they’re 2 months apart)- they are seriously so cute!

-Playing in her splash pad in our front yard

-Grammy & Grampy coming over for dinner + bedtime story

-Going to the pool with nana, pappy & aunt Addie while we shot a wedding

-She has started waving and pointing

-She’s started “sharing” with anyone next to her. It’s the cutest thing!

Facetiming with Uncle Aaron

-Our college friends Marisa & Nathan visited for a night while they were in town for a wedding!

-Drew officially isn’t the only one in our family with crocks- they’re both stocked about it.

Frisbee golf tournament with friends over Labor Day

-Hanging with family (especially her Aunt Katie) while the guys re-did our deck & removed a bunch of trash (so grateful for how much our immediate families have helped us with our fixer upper!)

Things we’ve learned about her:

-She LOVES standing & pulling herself up on everything in sight. Her learning walker is a fan favorite

-She’s very unsure about shoes (she wore them for the first time where she actually stood on them when we went to the state fair) but super cute in them…really looks like a pre-toddle to me with them on!

-She loves her bear stuffed animal from Uncle Justin & Aunt Katie.

-She doesn’t love diaper changes anymore and it the wiggliest wiggle ever while changing her ha.

-She LOVES real food/feeding herself! Homegirl definitely has an appetite.

-She’s still obsessed with dogs and we take daily visits out our front door to visit our neighbor’s dogs.

-She’s all about bedtime stories, especially if her daddy is reading them.

sharing her teething cracker
Lunch at the fair followed by…
Dinner at the fair!
We had a VERY early morning (2:30am) the morning after the fair…we think it was all the crappy food I ate + let her try a little bit of that upset her little tummy. Poor baby! Loved the snuggles but WOW so tired. It makes me grateful that she’s been consistently a good sleeper at night!
Grandpa’s 60th birthday weekend! We had lots of fun celebrating him!!
it’s the backwards hat for me haha

I definitely got peed on this day ha
taking her bottle like a champ with aunt Addie & great grammy while we were shooting a wedding!
her first time “playing” at the park…really just people watching ha.
how many toys is too many toys?!
morning snuggles are the BEST thing ever!!
Playing with her friend Genna!
our blue eyed beauty
Grammy & Grampy came over for dinner + to play bridge!
Nora LOVES bedtime stories
Daddy was a happy man when someone else in the family also got crocks….
Facetiming Uncle Aaron
random chick-fil-a picnic on our church’s lawn while out running errands
Frisbee golf tournament with friends over Labor Day
the deck in process!
she loves all of her aunts & uncles!! and her new fave toy is her bear stuffed animal (from Uncle Justin & Aunt Katie)
She loved her first happy meal things to Aunt Katie!!
eating food like a champ & stealing my mascara while trying to apply makeup ha

Until next month friends!



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