February 4, 2021

Nora’s fourth month

This month zoomed by! We’re so grateful for our healthy, happy girl and trying to soak up every little moment. I’ve heard so many people say “babies don’t keep” and wow that couldn’t be more true!!

What we’ve learned about Nora:

-She loves to smile, coo, & laugh, especially when she’s only in her diaper!

-She likes to push up on her legs to stand when you hold her and in her door jumper

-She has discovered how to use her mouth! As a result, she is constantly blowing bubbles and slobbering ha.

-She still doesn’t really like a pacifier. She has taken it a few times when she’s getting sleepy but that’s about it.

-Still LOVES bath time- she splashes a lot more now which is fun. Can’t recommend the Otteroo enough!

Some Highlights:

-Adjusting to her new schedule that includes more wake time which we are LOVING! So grateful for the flexible schedule Babywise recommends- it’s been SO helpful to us!

-Joining us at dinner in her high chair (with the new schedule she’s now awake more in the evening which is fun). Her IKEA highchair fits her perfectly right now with the insert!

-Her smiles, giggles and new noises…seriously music to our ears!!

-Another OSU game, sadly we lost this one but it was still fun!

-Her first frisbee golf outing.

-FIRST WORD: “Hi” on 1/20/21. She said it exactly how Drew did 3 times and we were freaking out. Doesn’t matter if it was accidental, still counts ha.

-Meeting my Aunt Kristie when she came to visit us!

-Spontaneous trip to Dayton, OH to help my brother Dan move into his new place! Nora got to see Grandpa & Gigi + meet Uncle Bob, and cousin Maia for the first time which was really fun!

-First overnight with nana & pappy. Drew and I celebrated my 27th birthday with a nice dinner and overnight in a hotel so Nora had her first overnight away from us and she did AMAZING!!

-Celebrating my 27th birthday together!

-“Playdates” with the McCrady kids (where they played and she stares ha) and VandeKopple family.

-Hanging with friends and family.

she has discovered her mouth and how to blow bubbles! I equally LOVE it because its so dang cute and am ready for her to get over this phase so I stop getting spit in the face haha.
she constantly folds her hands so we always joke that she’s a praying baby ha
Helping my brother Dan get settled in to his new place. Love this picture of my dad & Nora!
Nora with my aunt Kristie!
Celebrating Pappy’s birthday!
Nana snagged this picture during Nora’s first solo sleepover at their house!
babies on the inside vs. babies on the outside! they are all about a month apart which is fun!
LOVED having my aunt Kristie visit for a few days!!
riding in style
her first two meals with us in her highchair!
bath time in style
Meeting my uncle Bob & cousin Maia!
sleepy baby + hand holds at church

Until next month friends!



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