January 18, 2021

Nora’s third month

Three whole months with Nora Sue and wow time sure does need to slow down!!

What we’ve learned about her:

-She still loves bath time and getting her diaper + clothes changed. Ya’ll the otteroo is SO much fun for bath time!!

-She’s a growing girl!! In the 90 percentile for both height and weight, size 3 diapers and starting to fit into some 6 month clothing.

-She’s a wiggle worm. Some nights I’ll put her to sleep at one end of the crib and when we come into her room in the morning, she’s on the opposite side. She’s also just generally wiggly if you lay her on her back.

-She loves to smile (especially in the morning) and GIGGLE (on occasion)!!

-Home girl loves her sleep and we are SO thankful!! We know a 4 month sleep regression is possible so we’re bracing ourselves for that possibility, but soaking it up while it lasts!

-She has sensitive skin like her mommy and some reflux.

-She loves to break out of her swaddle.

-She has found her voice and has started to communicate when she doesn’t like things. For example, one time Drew had cold hands and put it on her neck and within seconds she cried. As soon as he took it away she stopped. This also happened when sitting her on a cold counter and putting a bow on her head that was too tight ha. It’s fun she can start to communicate in her own little way more!

Some highlights:

-She started to giggle!! It’s not every day but when she does it is THE BEST THING EVER!!

-Her first Christmas! This was super special to see both of our immediate families and host my siblings Christmas day. She loved looking at all the Christmas lights!

-Christmas crafts like cards and ornaments using her hands & feet. PTL for cute Pinterest ideas!

-She found her hands and LOVES sucking on them

-Holding her head up better and likes to push up on her legs. Overall just getting stronger!

-She has a very prominent bald spot and LOTS of (crazy) hair haha

-Taking an interest in her Fluffy Tails book

-Introducing her door jumper. She doesn’t have the hang of jumping around in it yet but does spin herself around/ it’s really nice to have her in while I’m doing dishes or when we make dinner!

-Her first New Years…and our OSU Buckeyes beating Clemson the next day!

-Nora’s first snow day

-Slow Saturdays at home just the three of us. Treasuring those moments!!

-How smily she is when she first wakes up in the morning. It seriosuly melts us!!

-Being at Aunt Addie’s college basketball game (she’s a junior at IUE) where she scored her 1,000th point!

-Meeting more friends & neighbors

-Bath time in the otteroo! This is seriously such a cute and fun activity with amazing benefits for babies!!

-Winter walks outside. I’m so glad we got a car seat cozy cover because she’s snug as a bug and sleeps through these every time!

-Our hilarious series of unfortunate events on the way to her 3 month check up appointment (details below)

wiggle worm…she was towards the top when we put her down at night. Next morning when we came into her room she was all the way at the bottom ha.
Celebrating Christmas as a family of three at home for the very first time!
Bragging on Drew because comes home from a long day at work but is ready to jump into dad mode as soon as he gets home. SO grateful for the hardworking, loving man that he is!!
left: giggles after her first night sleeping 10 hours!
Slow Saturday mornings hanging in bed- the best!
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen our hilarious 3 month check up doctors visits….I fed Nora in the car because we were going to eat lunch with Drew beforehand. She proceeded to have a huge blow out which got on my jeans and we didn’t have an extra outfit for her. I got her fully cleaned up then ran out of wipes. 2 minutes later she peed! As a result, we wrapped her in a blanket and had to use wipes from the doctors office to get her fully cleaned up ha. All we could do was laugh at ourselves!! It kinda felt like a right of passage to motherhood haha.
Nora’s great grammy made her this quilt and we LOVE it so much!!!
Can’t get enough of these snuggles!!

I got some updated branding photos which of course Nora has to be a part of
bald spot and finger holds
her first snow!
Celebrating Christmas with my family in Dayton!
I love this one where she’s smiling at my daddy!
Snuggles with Uncle Dan, Uncle Aaron & Abby!
Some of the Christmas cards we made with her footprints!
Nora got to meet some of our best friends! Jessica & Stephen (they might look familiar from their 2020 wedding). As well as, Chloe & Michael, and their daughter Genesis. Our girls are 2 months apart and destine to be friends!
Go Bucks!! It was SO MUCH FUN watching our Ohio State Buckeyes beat Clemson!
We took a day trip to visit Addie’s apartment + help her do a deep clean
Addie’s basketball game where she scored her 1,000th point! She also got her this cute onesie!
Christmas at Grammy & Grampys!
when we put the bow on her head and she immediately started crying because it was too tight. Poor thing but fun that she communicates what she doesn’t like now!
she loves her aunties!

Until next time friends!



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