August 31, 2017

Our Business Motto & Biggest Piece of Advice

Besides Jesus & Drew, the BEST thing for my business has been these five simple words. It’s what we’ve based our ENTIRE client experience on, what we filter our business decisions though, and my biggest piece of advice to you as you’re starting/continuing in your photography journey. Are you ready for the most epic advice ever!?


Under promise and over deliver


I’m sure you’ve heard it before so maybe it’s not the mind-blowing advice you were hoping for. But I’m telling you, if you actually apply this to your business, it will change everything!!  This motto isn’t just for photographers either! It can be applied to any business. Whether your selling a product or service, you want your clients to have the best experience possible.

How do I implement this motto into my photography business?

Below, I’ve listed 3 practical examples of how we under promise and over deliver in our business. I hope you find them helpful! We’ve learned and applied all of this from successful photographers who I admire & love- just to emphasize that this motto really DOES work!

  1. On our website, on our brochure, and in our contract, we state that our couples will receive their images 6-8 weeks after their wedding day. However, we usually deliver their entire wedding 1-2 weeks after! You might ask, “if you deliver them in 1-2 weeks, why don’t you just say that up front?” And the reason is because, God forbid, if a family emergency or something happens, we have the space to take 6-8 weeks to get them their images. That’s what they are expecting after all. But, if there are no emergencies and we are able to go above & beyond their expectations, they will be so much more satisfied with their experience! And that’s really what we’re going for
  2. Client Gifts. These are one of my all time favorite aspects of our wedding experience because I LOVE giving gifts! We don’t advertise this so none of our couples expect it. But when they get a gift right after they book with us, or for their first Christmas together, or after their wedding day, they feel so special and valued! And they are!! This year every single one of our brides sent us a thank you email, text, and we even got hand-written notes thanking us because they loved their gift so much! I mean really, who doesn’t love gifts?! Especially surprise gifts tailored just to you. This is just a really fun way to  serve your clients really well & exceed their expectations! (TIP: we typically shoot to spend 3-5% on our couples. So, if they book our $3,500 package, we typically spend around $175 on their gifts)
  3. Another “client gift” is your time. You can surprise your couple by showing up early or staying later than what they paid for. They will not expect this at all and I’ve had brides mention how much they felt cared for by this gift weeks after their wedding day! For Drew and I, we typically show up 30 minutes – 1 hour early or stay 30 minutes- 1 hour later. We make the judgement after our time together with the couple to see if they value getting ready images & details or dancing & merriment at the reception more? Based on what we know about them, we adjust accordingly.

I hope you find these tips helpful as you start incorporating the motto “under promise and over deliver” into your own business!

Do you still want to know more??

Check out the Photographers tab on our website to get all the details about the next MBP workshop! Drew and I are spill the beans on all things business and photography! We really go in depth on client experience and provide plenty of practical examples of how your can start transforming your business by creating an intentional client experience.  If you thought these tips were helpful, we have SO much more content to share!!

We’re cheering for you and your business!




If you implement this motto, your couples will feel like they can fly after their experience with you 🙂 

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