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August 17, 2017

Helpful tips when planning your wedding!

dear future bride,

Below are 5 tips that you may not consider as you’re entering your wedding planning process. These are a combination of my personal advice AND advice from previous Monica Brown Brides! We hope you enjoy! Happy Marriage planning 🙂

tips & tricks for brides

  1. When you go in for your dress alterations, have someone (your mom, sister, maid or honor, etc.) go with you take a video of someone bustling your dress & send it to your bridesmaids so there’s plenty of people who know how to do it! Some of them are really easy, but some can be very tricky. This will just help bustling go smoothly on your wedding day!
  2. Have someone pack your wedding food to-go. After you leave the reception, you’ll probably be hungry! If you’re driving to your honeymoon location, you could even have a cooler packed of left-overs to take with you!
  3. Buy a customized address stamp so when you’re mailing invitations, sending thank you notes for bridal showers, and thank yous for your wedding gifts, it’ll save your hand and save you SO much time! Etsy has endless options for this. AND you can use it after you’re wedding details have ended!
  4. “The best advice I was given is to not sweat the small stuff. I was freaking out about place cards and how mine weren’t fancy. My mom said, “seriously when was the last time you went to a wedding and noticed those? All anyone is going to remember is how much fun they had.” After that, small stuff went on the back burner of planning.” -Marie. I love this tip because it really is SO helpful! There is always something (or many things) that won’t go as you planned on your wedding day. That’s just the nature of large events with a lot of moving parts. And that’s OKAY!! What ultimately matters is that your married to the love of your life and that you’re celebrating your marriage with all your favorite people! It’s good to have a realistic expectation so you aren’t super bummed about something like place cards that would steal the joy of the real purpose of your wedding.
  5. Ask for help. Let’s be honest. Wedding planning is a lot of work. It can be hard and draining. It can be fun and life-giving. In reality, it’s probably a little mix of both. It’s important to ask for help so you can really enjoy this season of engagement. It sometimes takes a lot of guts to ask for help (girl, I feel ya!), but it is SO worth it!! And your family and friends who love you so dearly WANT to help and be a part of this season of life!

Happy Marriage Planning! We’re cheering for you!!




5 Tips for Brides

tip 6: make sure you smell your beautiful wedding flowers on your big day 😉 

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