September 15, 2017

EXCITING NEWS!! For Photographers


Introducing you to the newest addition to our business- “Education For Photographers” Below, I’m going to walk you through our newest addition so you know what everything is and where you can find it!

NEW LAUNCH for Photographers!!

We are so excited to announce that it's LAUNCH DAY "For Photographers"!!! Today is the day that we're officially launching education for Photographers! You can check out all the details, my heart behind this launch and what to look out for in the video + blog post below! We can't wait to share this with you!

Posted by Monica Brown Photography on Friday, September 15, 2017

First, check out our new Navigation bar! The left side of the navigation is catered to brides and the newest addition “For Photographers” is on the right. You can find ALL the details and offerings through that tab!

Launching Education for Photographers | Monica Brown Photography |

The above photo is by my dear friend, Kelsie Lynn Photography at Phellowship

Next, you’ll be able to read all about my heart behind the newest addition to our business! We really want to be approachable, teachable, and we want to spur others on.

Drew and I are well aware that the we will learn just as much from the people we get the opportunity to teach and coach as they will from us, because everyone has a different perspective and experiences and brings something different to the table. We are so excited for this new adventure! Launching Photographer Education | Monica Brown Photography |

After you read about the Why, you’ll see the What. We first dive into the details of the Monica Brown Photography Workshop Experience. I only included one of the slides so be sure to check all of them out on our website!

Launching Photographer Education | Monica Brown Photography |

After going into a little more detail on our upcoming MBP Workshop (mark your calendars for Feb. 10, 2018!!), we lay out all our photographer education options and their costs.

Launching Photographer Education | Monica Brown Photography |

MBP Workshop:

Registration is OPEN! And it will remain open until January 2018. We’ll predominately advertise this in November, but wanted to give you some deatails now!

If I’m being honest, this is the addition I am most excited AND most scared about!! I hope & pray it will become a strong foundation of our business. If you register before October 9, 2017, you’ll get the early-bird special of $318! Lots more details to come my friends! Click here to register! 

Blog Posts:

Written for you! I’m really excited to start having this be a part of our regular blog posts. We’ll be sharing lots of tips & tricks that you’ll be able to apply to your business immediately. We’ll also have a few guest posts- so pumped about that!


Registration also hasn’t opened just yet, but here’s a sign up list for those who want to be the very first people to know when it does! Just so you know…what we’re planning so far…it’s going to blow the first Phellowship out of the water! Kelsie and I are SO excited!

A note about Coaching sessions:

We have had several inquires about coaching session, and for now, it’s not something we currently offer. However, I’d love to recommend you to photographers and business owners who we HIGHLY recommend for this if you’re interested!

Next up…

Below the offerings, I also include a few testimonies from the first Phellowship event. After our first workshop in February 2018, I’ll start including those testimonials + updating images as well so be sure to keep checking back in to view those updates!


Launching Photographer Education | Monica Brown Photography |

If you want the same experience as Stephanie, hop on the waitlist for the December 2, 2017 Phellowship event in Dayton, Ohio!

Drew and I are SO EXCITED to launch this new branch of our business and we’re so thankful that you’re choosing to be a part of it! We’re excited to cheer all you fellow photographers on in your business + photography journey!


Mon & Drew

Launching Education for Photographers | Monica Brown Photography |

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