August 21, 2018

Drew’s Graduation| Miami University Master’s Program

My husband Drew (and the better half to Monica Brow Photography)  graduated his masters program this past May!! WOOHHH!! I’m a bit behind on blogging, but better late than never right? Super proud of Drew for finishing and that he’s done!

Here’s a little recap on our celebrations:

Saturday May 19th both of our families got together for a cookout and outdoor games. Sunday May 20th was the actual ceremony where Drew walked across the stage and I cheered obnoxiously. What can I say? #proudwife. In the midst of that I also got really emotional because it was almost like a ceremony to wrap up our time in Oxford and kind of get closure on our first two years of marriage there. It’s been such a special place to both of us and we are both so grateful for the education we’ve received + all the incredible people and opportunities we’ve been exposed to as a result of being there. So, cheers to Drew and our first hometown, Oxford!

It was so fun to have both of our immediate families and both sets of Drew’s grandparents in town to celebrate! 

I have the cutest sister & mother-in-law 🙂

You can always count on my daddio for silly faces 🙂 

Our brothers crushed it in the grilling department!

Playing games & Addie showing everyone her fall and winter senior pictures!!

One of Drew good friends, Andrew, stopped by after dinner which was so fun! Below is JT playing “chubby bunny” with mini marshmallows….let’s just say it didn’t go over well haha 

Then next day was Drew’s official graduation ceremony

 Proud of you babe!

Now let’s be done with school forever 🙂



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