September 3, 2020

A recap of our baby showers

Our families & friends seriously rallied around us during this sweet and uncertain season of life! We have felt so incredibly supported, celebrated, and quite literally stocked up!! Despite all the crazy with COVID-19, we were still able to some showers. I’m SO grateful!! My incredible mother-in-law and step mom both hosted showers for us in July and August. During a weekend get away with my college pals, friends threw one of my besties Megs (we’re due just a few weeks a part) and I a joint baby shower which was a blast too!

We are so very grateful and blessed!! We cannot wait to meet our baby girl SOON!

Indy Baby Shower

My mother-n-law & sweet friend Caitlin hosted our very first shower! This was SO refreshing to see friends and enjoy the beautiful day. It was an outdoor open house so people could come and go as they pleased!

My good friends Anne (due in November) and Casey (due in December). It’s been special to walk through this season of life with these two!
HUGE thank you & shoutout to my friend Caitlin who planned this shower!!

College Reunion Joint Shower

Megan, one of my best friends from college, and I are both pregnant, just a few weeks a part in fact! The gals threw us a joint shower and it was such a fun time of games, Shirley temples and being encouraged by life-long friends! We had the best long weekend together!!

Virtual Family Baby Shower

My amazing mother-n-law threw us not one but TWO showers! We loved gathering with family to celebrate baby Brown!! 8 of us were in person and everyone else joined in via Zoom. We played a game where you guessed names of baby animals and Drew and I opened up some gifts. It was fun to get together and see family, even if it was just through the screen!

Dayton Baby Shower

We ended the baby shower fun with some family/friends from my home town, Kettering, Ohio. My amazing step mom threw us this shower and it was so much fun!!

Shoutout to my friend Jessica who made the baby onesies gift- this was hilarious to read through after!
My step mom’s niece, Katie, made the MOST AMAZING cookies!! They are as delicious as they are pretty. I seriously cannot recommend Katie’s business, Trix and Treats, enough to anyone in Ohio!! Fun fact: she did our wedding cake too. Sooo much yum!

Until next time friends!



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