March 15, 2021

Nora’s Fifth Month

This has been such a fun month because more of her personality is starting to shine, which has been so fun for us! She is a babbling, sucking on anything that comes close to her mouth and loves to smile. She’s starting to voice opinions more (aka cry to communicate what she doesn’t like) which has been comical, sad, and helpful. SOOO much love for this little lady!!

Things we’ve learned about Nora:

-She LOVES being in just a diaper. If she’s ever getting fussy, we just take her clothes off and it adds at least 20 more minutes of sweet baby noises haha. Nora is still a big fan of bath time, diaper changes and generally anything that requires zero clothing haha.

-She’s very aware of noises now! This also makes her a more distracted eater.

-She LOVES her activity center (highly recommend this!!)

-She can now roll from tummy to back! She’s showing signs of wanting to go back to tummy but not quite there yet.

-She tried food for the first time! She was very confused/ didn’t seem interested so we decided to wait to try again at 6 months…I just was so excited to give it a try when our pediatrician said we could ha. She tired banana and carrots.

-She’s talking ALL.THE.TIME. (well, at home) Which we absolutely adore!! We have noticed she’s a lot more aware when she enters a new setting/ seems to take it all in before starting to make her cute noises.

-She discovered her feet and loves to stick her toes in her mouth which is so dang cute to me!

-She likes having books read to her, especially by daddy!

-Drooling all the time now so we’ve started wearing bibs a lot.

-She likes to put her hand on my face while nursing which just melts me.

Highlights from this month:

-Two of my best friends, Hannah & Lydia, came to visit for a weekend! Nora loved their snuggles!

-She had a 5 day streak of grunting/seeming more fussy/generally uncomfortable. Took her to the doctor and everything looked great. We’re thinking it was just a growth spurt/growing pains because right after was when she started talking a lot + rolled over!

-My parents made a quick overnight visit which was super fun! This was the day that Nora really started to get chatty/ended her fussy streak.

-Her first snow storm!

-Baby play date with Carson Crow. Nora didn’t seem to really notice but us moms had a fun time catching up and watching baby Carson on the move (he’s a few months older and crawling all over)

-First Valentine’s Day!

-Hanging with two of our close friends (the Jacksons & the Higgins) in Indy who also have baby girls close to Nora’s age.

-First month of Drew and I going on consistent date nights again. We’re so grateful for our amazing babysitter, Amelia (a girl from our church who is awesome with kids!!).

those sleepy snuggles are THE BEST!!
Michael + Genesis (above) and Chris + Ella (below). It’s been so fun to walk into parenthood with the Jacksons & Higgins!
being serenaded by daddy…this absolutely melts me!!
my dad put the cup on her head haha. She has been LOVING this activity center!!
playdate with Carson!
Snow storm fun with nana & pappy!
left: on random days she gets really rosy cheeks | right: this picture makes me laugh out loud
She puts her little hand on my face while nursing a lot and it melts me.
I can’t believe our sweet girl is FIVE MONTHS old!!
the “mom I’m over this” face…followed by some sweet smiles

Until next time friends!



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