April 7, 2021

Nora’s Sixth Month

It’s SO HAPPY and so sad to be writing Nora’s sixth month blog post! Time seriously needs to slow down!! This has been a very very eventful month of life which is probably why it feels like it FLEW by.

Things we’ve learned about Nora:

-She starting to like a paci…sometimes.

-She still tries to suck on anything that comes close to her mouth and especially loves her right hand thumb.

-She’s a water bug! We weren’t surprised because she loves bath time so much but she REALLY loved the water! We decided to sign her up for swim lessons in April so I’m jazzed about that!

-She’s also a wiggle worm. This month she mastered rolling from her back to tummy so she’s rolling all the time now. When we put her down for the night she’s always on the opposite side of the crib come morning haha. She has slept on her side and tummy (looks like an inch worm) a few times now too so maybeee her massive bald spot will be on its way out soon here.

-She loves to babble and giggle. Lots and lots of smiles these days!!

-She’s started and seems to already be ending the “this isn’t mom” phase so on occasion cries when other people hold her and she looks up at them. Thankfully this is happening less & less toward the end of this month though!

-She LOVES cups! She’s always trying to steal ours and loves to have her own sippy cup now too.

-She’s unsure about foods and makes some hilarious faces when eating ha.

Some Highlights:

-She rolled from her back to tummy on 3/8/21 (stopped swaddling this day as well) so now she can roll both ways which is fun!

-Visiting Uncle Justin & Aunt Katie in Goshen, IN

-Nana & Aunt Addie babysitting while I have photoshoots (Sam + Caitie Engagement & Ethan + Brynn’s proposal)

-First girls weekend with ladies from our small group.

-First flight!

-First trip to Florida to visit my aunts + parents while they vacationed there.

-First time experiencing sand & the ocean! The water was pretty cold so she wasn’t sure about that but loved the sand.

-First boat ride. She mostly loved it, but the horn sound scared her/made her cry for a minute. She’s definitely still sensitive to loud noises!

-My cousin Rachel & her husband Kyle visiting and meeting her for the first time.

-We bought a house!! We saw it on 2/28, put in an offer that night, our offer was accepted the next morning 3/1, had inspection on 3/8 and we closed on 3/30. It was a whirlwind!! Nora was with us throughout the whole process which was fun! She’s even started to “help” as we fix it up (see below ha)

-Her first Easter with both of our families.

-Starting real food and water with her more consistently! She makes some really silly faves when trying things but is definitely curious about food/ loves grabbing the spoon to put food in her mouth.

Visiting Uncle Justin & Aunt Katie in Goshen, Indiana!
Nora looks terrified BUT had to get a picture of them rocking their vests
Girls weekend with women in our small group at church!
hat buddies!
This was the morning we walked in to get her up and she was rolling on her side. Later that night she rolled over form back to belly for the very first time! By the end of this month, she’s rolling ALL the time and has started sleeping on her side and tummy (looks like a little inch worm ha).
She lovesss her activity center!
She did AMAZING on her first flights + my first solo travel with her. That was such an answered prayer!! Thankfully it was direct flights and we got an entire row to ourselves both ways…Nora slept pretty much all of it but made diaper changing TONS easier!
Drew had a bachelor party one weekend so Nora and I headed to Tampa, FL for a long weekend (Friday-Tuesday) to visit my aunts (live in FL) and parents (visiting FL at the same time) which was a blast!
Meeting my Aunt Jane & Aunt Beth!
Living her best life in the sun!!
^ her face when it was too bright haha
^one of my new favorite pictures!!
My dad is the real MVP for carrying her & her stuff when I got sweaty wearing her haha.
All month she’s been trying soo hard to sit up on her own. By the end of this month, she started sitting up unassisted for about a minute at a time!
Snuggling with Uncle Phil!
We were sad to leave FL but excited to be super excited re-united with Drew!!
My cousin Rachel & her husband Kyle visiting/ meeting Nora for the first time! The weather was AWESOME so we got to try out the hiking carrier we have for Nora for the first time.
Using the hiking carrier for the first time which was great! Nora passed out halfway through the walk.
Nora repped Cali in honor of Uncle Aaron’s birthday!
starting to sit up all by herself!!
sleepy baby 🙂 She has started to roll ALL over and has gotten stuck on her tummy a few times. She’s slept on her side or tummy a few times too! We’ll see how long her giant bald spot sticks around haha.
Our fixer upper! Lots to do but we are super excited to see the transformation!!

Until next time friends!



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