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May 16, 2021

Hilton Head, SC Beach Engagement Session | Alex & Madi

This was one of my first beach sessions ever so that was a treat! Alex and Madi are some of our dearest friends so this was extra special for me!! They tie the know at the beginning of June this year and we seriously can’t wait to celebrate the start of their marriage! Alex is very adamant about me not doing anything at the actual wedding except attending, which is so sweet but I am happy he let me sneak in some pictures of them while we were traveling for the Creech wedding. Peep the cute picture of them with Nora at the end…they are her honorary aunt & uncle!

We love the future Mr. & Mrs. Carrell!!

p.s. here’s the link to Madie’s cute dress! So flattering/pretty/lots of fun color options!! You better believe its in my shopping cart ha.

Nora’s honorary aunt and uncle hehe

Until next time friends!



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