May 5, 2021

Nora’s Seventh Month

I truly feel like I blinked and this month went by! It’s been a bit crazy in the Brown household as we’re renovating a new house before moving in. As a result, this is sadly the month where both Drew and I have been away from Nora the most since she’s been alive as we’ve been fixing things up. They say “it takes a village” to raise kids and that rings SO true for this season of our life, especially this past month! We’re so grateful for all the people in our village who have cared for and loved on our girl as we’ve been busy bees working hard to get our home ready! I’m so excited to see Nora grow up even more in our new house!! Anyway, this is probably the shortest re-cap month because wow mama is tired haha. Nora is still the bright spot and biggest highlight!! We really can’t get enough of our sweet, curious, smiley girl!!

Some new things we’ve learned about her:

-She’s a rolly polly! and a wiggle worm. Definitely gotta keep an eye on her!

-She LOVES cups + bringing them to her mouth!

-So far the food she’s shown the most interest in is carrots, but starting to get the hang of food more.

-She likes to play with people’s hair. Particularly Drew’s, mine, pappy’s and uncle Dan’s.

Some Highlights:

-We bought a house!! We saw it on 2/28, put in an offer that night, our offer was accepted the next morning 3/1, had inspection on 3/8 and we closed on 3/30. It was a whirlwind!! Nora was with us throughout the whole process which was fun! She’s “helped” two evenings (see below ha) but once we started painting & re-finishing floors, she hasn’t been in the house to avoid any exposure to the fumes. We will move in mid/end of May so it’s been keeping us VERY busy the last 2 months because it needed a lot of work! This has been both a highlight and a disappointment- this month was the most time Drew and I have been away from Nora while doing house updates. We’re so grateful for Drew’s parents, sister, and our small group friends who have babysat her multiple times! I’m beyond excited to be moved in to the new house so our little family gets more quality time together again!!

-Her first Easter with both of our immediate families.

-Meeting her Aunt Rachel, Taylor & Uncle Sean for the first time! These are my step siblings and it was fun we could all be together for Easter!

-Starting real food and water with her more consistently! She makes some really silly faves when trying things but is definitely curious about food.

-Nora is still in the 95th percentile for height and 90th for weight (she’s been in those since week one). At the end of this month we transitioned into 9 month clothes and she’s still in size 4 diapers. We don’t take her growth for granted so praising God all the time for her health!

-She’s still nursing and sleeping like a champ too, which we’re so grateful for! When we first starting doing food more consistently she had a week spurt of not taking her afternoon nap well but that resolved after a few days and she’s back to 2-3 naps a day.

SOOO much love for these two!!
Getting her to look/smile at the camera was NOT happening ha.
She loves her great grampy and great grammy!
Easter Sunday with my family in Dayton, Ohio. All Nora wanted to do was kick off her shoes, look at them or attempt to eat them so this was as good as we were going to get for a family picture haha.
naps on grandpa…where he naps too haha
These pictures are starting to get hard to take/ require help as she’s starting to get more mobile and curious haha.
trying on summer outfits to see what fit for our trip to Hilton Head!
^ At our small group…LOVE these humans so much & so grateful for how they continually rally around us!!
While we aren’t taking foster care placements yet still, I have been helping give kids rides to/from school. It has been SO sweet how all of them love on Nora!!
packing up our stuff and feeding a baby…typical day around here lately!
7 months going on 16…I ned to pull this picture out when she starts driving!!
We love you snuggle bug!!

Until next time friends!



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