August 20, 2021

Nora’s Tenth Month

10 months. Wow. Time slow down PLEASE!! This month felt like summer was in full swing and we soaked up the sunshine, pool days,

Some Highlights:

-Celebrating Drew’s first Father’s Day!

-Visiting my immediate family in Ohio a few times

-Adding more finishing touches to her new room (aka a ceiling fan, re-attaching the stick on wallpaper that was in her nursery at our previous house, etc.)

-Meeting Uncle JT (one of Drew’s brothers) for the first time!! He left for Montenegro beginning of September 2020, she was born about a month later and he just came back to America July 3rd!

-Her first 4th of July (one of her mommy’s favorite holidays!)

-First, second & third time to the zoo! We got zoo passes so we’re taking advantage. The first and second zoo trips were within the same week ha.

-Starting her big girl stroller attachment- we’ve been going on a lot of walks so she’s been loving facing out!

-Multiple pool days with friends! She is a little water bug.

-Hiking with friends at Holliday Park.

-Outdoor lunch with my aunt, uncle & cousin while they were in town for the day.

-My photographer friends, Kelsie & Corey, meeting her for the first time!

-Attended her first garage sale.

-Nana’s birthday!

-Baby play dates with her friend Genna- it is SO cute to watch them interact!!

-Seeing horses for the very first time (leave it to Total Wine to bring in Clydesdales for an event they were hosting on a random Thursday evening)

-Going to a museum for the first time! We saw the LUME exhibit at Newfields and it was amazing!!

-Her first 5K (in support of the Aruna project + Two Chicks Pebble Art)

We photographed 4 weddings during this time so she got sweet time with her grandparents!!

-LUME exhibit at Newfields with one of my college besties, Hannah- HIGHLY recommend it!

-Cookouts with friends on their new patio!

Thing’s we’ve learned about Nora:

-She LOVES standing & pulling herself up! A new favorite toy has been this walker

-She definitely knows what “no” means now and gives the most absurdly cute smile that I sometimes have to look away so she doesn’t see me smiling/takes me serious. We’re in trouble that’s for sure!! haha.

-Cradle cap made an appearance at the beginning of this month. We tried a new brush and that worked wonders!! It has stayed away since then.

-She has started to wave to people (and dogs)!

-She really enjoys dogs & is quite vocal about it. It’s really cute! Our neighbors have 2 so we make multiple trips outside a day to look at they when they bark.

-She’s still a water bug! Pool, bath time and her new splash pad. We have noticed that she’s afraid of running water from the tub though.

-She’s a very efficient army crawler

She LOVES playing with her soft blocks

-We think she’ll be a reader because she always gravitates towards books to flip through and loves bedtime stories- it’s when she sits the most still! She especially loves the book called, “Who Said Peep

puffs are the way to her heart haha
Since we moved we live so much closer to Drew’s work so he gets to come home for lunch some days and we LOVE it!!
standing all by herself like such a BIG GIRL!!
there’s always a few tears when I’m taking pictures of her
Nora & I headed home to Dayton for my dad’s surgery
Drew installed her new ceiling fan with the help of his dad, Mark. They have done SO MUCH at our new house!!
Nora & Genna’s first time to the zoo!
Peep the babies holding hands + Nora eating my hair- these girlies melt me!!
Saturday morning hiking…Nora was obviously thrilled ha
Zoo Day #2 + fun time with Rachel & Coya.
When you’re tired but don’t want to let go of your toy
we were going into target and it was sprinkling so I put the umbrella up and she held it the whole way in…for whatever reason this made me laugh A LOT haha
she makes the silliest faces sometimes
I laughed out loud when I turned to see her “reading” hahah
Her favorite book right now “Who Said Peep” with “Bible Stories” being a close second- she loves the touch & feels books that have flaps to pull out!
her first boo boo- she face planted into one of her plastic toys and it left a mark under her left eye. thankfully it only lasted 2-3 days! This was the first of MANY boo boos this month as she’s getting more mobil.
Her first time in grocery carts: Trader Joe’s and Meijer…she LOVED it!

The sweetest reunion of JT!! He was in Montenegro for one year doing mission work. So happy to have him stateside!!
Nora sure does have the best aunties!!
4th of July spread!
Nora’s great grammy + grampy!
She LOVES playing with her soft blocks
my Uncle Buck, Aunt Janet & cousin David visiting for lunch!
Nora attended her first baby shower celebrating our sweet friend Jennie + her third baby!

Left: When Gigi + grandpa watched her while we photographed a wedding | Right: Nana’s birthday!
Meeting the Cabuts for the first time!!
Meeting Kelsie + Corey for the first time!!
She loved hanging with our friend Adriana!
left: “training” | right: Aruna Run
First time seeing horses!
Nora & Genna are cheetah girls!! Nora loved Genna’s learning walker so much that we got her her own!
the silly faces she makes all day long crack me up- love this girlie to pieces!!
her last pool day fitting into this suit! We had fun visiting Anne & baby Ella!
One of my college besties, Hannah, came to visit for the day and we went to the LUME exhibit at Newfields and it was amazing!

Until next time friends!



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