October 15, 2021

Nora’s Twelfth Month

Nora is ONE!! 365 days with our favorite girl. Wow, that’s crazy to me! Twelve months came and went. We have had so much fun watching and grow and getting to know her little personality. This month she’s back up to the 95th percentile for height, 80th percentile for weight, and 50th percentile for head size. She’s eating solid foods like a champ, getting the hang of whole milk and still enjoying breastfeeding (we’re starting to aggressively wean which feels really bittersweet). I’m so thankful we made it to one year with our breastfeeding journey! It’s been so special. But, just like these monthly recaps (yup, this is the last one!), good things come to an end to make way for new seasons! These monthly recaps have honestly made my life SO much easier in creating her 1 year scrapbook so I’m thankful for that. This is the last one but don’t worry more personal blog posts to come & if you follow me on Instagram, Nora makes frequent appearances.

Some things we’ve learned:

-She is usually not loving diaper changes or getting put into her car seat anymore. Little miss independent haha.

-She LOVES walking and rarely crawls these days. It started as taking 3-4 steps at a time, then 10-12, and now she’ll go from one side of our house to the other (with a few falls along the way ha).

-She loves picking flowers & grass

-Still obsessed with dogs

-She now has 2 small teeth (bottom front) and WOW teething has been rough- lots of tears, disturbed naps & middle of the night wake up calls. Infant Tylenol and this frozen teether toy have been SO helpful!

-She likes to make a “grrr” sound if you ask her what sound a bear makes (courtesy of nana). It’s so cute!

-She loves to share toys (yay!) and food (we’ve been trying to discourage this one because if you don’t take it, she immediately drops it on the floor)

-Her favorite word by far is still “dadda”. She says “mama” a lot when she’s getting sleepy which truly melts me! On occasion she’ll also minmic “moo.”

Some highlights:

-Drew, his dad & brother re-did our deck! This has been a HUGE highlight because we’ve spent soo much time in our backyard/eating meals on the porch now that it’s been done!

-Visiting family & friends in Ohio for a long weekend

-Family pictures by my good friend & extremely talented photographer Kelsie Lynn Photography

-Going to our good friends family farm. Nora rode a quad-runner for the first time and she loved playing with Genna!

-Celebrating her first birthday!!

-Her first birthday party! We had an open house style party with around 40 people and it was so much fun!! She was pretty hesitant about her cake at first but eventually dove in…face first.

-We have some excited family news to share…coming soon!

She was NOT a fan of the cute hair bow that went with this outfit (thanks to Aunt Addie)…so out came a snack, her baby doll and switching to her hair clip to make some smiles possible for pictures ha.
If you look closely, you can see her two bottom teeth!
I’ll be sharing more of these soon! For now, here’s a few of my favorites.
On long weekend in Ohio! We stayed at my parents in Dayton one night before heading to Columbus.
frisbee golf with daddy in our backyard!
The morning of her birthday Drew and I came into her room singing happy birthday & put balloons in her crib. It was so sweet!
We took these pictures on her actual birthday (thanks to our friends Chloe & Michael) which was really fun (mainly for me, less for Nora & Drew haha)
peep her little tongue sticking out haha
Her first birthday party theme was “our little pumpkin.” We had so much fun celebrating her with loved ones!!
she was not a fan of her party hat so that lasted for a total of 10 seconds ha
always trying to share
Aunt Katie & Nora share the same birthday so they both got cakes & sung to! Love these gals SO MUCH!!
She loves her grandpas!!
Playing with Gigi
Sharing the grocery contents with uncle Justin
Aunt Addie helping her with the new lawn mower
waking daddy up with a grocery delivery
the cuteness…I can’t even!
Great Grammy!
drinking whole milk like a champ!
I’m SO thankful we made it to one year with breastfeeding! It’s been such a beautiful, hard, growing journey that I really have loved. This picture was a few days before her first birthday when we dropped her dinner time nursing and replaced it with whole milk. She has since dropped lunch time nursing and next week we’ll drop breakfast nursing. She is definitely still very into it but I personally am needing a break so this is where we’re at!
the cutest little sleeper! the butt in air sleep position babies do at this age is so adorable!

Well friends, it’s been 12 months of documenting sweet Nora Sue’s life!! Thanks for following along. Grateful for you!



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