November 6, 2021

DYI Family Halloween Costumes

Since having a baby, I’m ALL about Halloween costumes!! Especially family themed ones- I think they’re so fun! For Nora’s first Halloween, when she was just a few weeks old, we were Lady & the Tramp and she was our plate of spaghetti. This year, we were Piglet, Winnie the Pooh (baby #2 was my belly full of honey) and Christopher Robin. I threw both together 1-2 weeks prior to Halloween and tried to make what I could to keep costs low. Below, I’m sharing some pictures and the break down of our attire in case that would be helpful for anyone looking for inspiration! Happy (belated) Halloween friends!!


-Red shirt from Michale’s folded up, used a Cricut to put “Pooh” in gold letters

Yellow ears from Amazon

-Mustard maternity dress from Amazon

Christopher Robin

-Red balloon (the sweet lady at Party City gave it to Nora for free…we were there getting other balloons for a party)

-Yellow shirt from Amazon

-We used a button up for the undershirt & blue shorts that he already had


-Got a 3 pack of white onesie from Target, used a Cricut to put “Piglet” in pink letters (pink . We had 2 Halloween parties to attend & we wore the same thing to both so we made 2 Piglet shirts in case she got food on them (which, of course, she did ha)

-White pants + pink crocks we already had

Skirt, ears, and tail from Amazon

These were the exact Cricut items I purchased for “Pooh” and “Piglet” shirts
At just 3 weeks old, Nora slept through the whole Halloween party haha.


-Wore one of Drew’s shirts we already had, used eyeliner to give myself a nose

-Blue ribbon, yellow paper and yellow chain (re-purposed from a college Halloween costume) were from Michael’s

The Tramp

-I got one piece of felt grey and one piece of felt pink to make the ears. I cut them in triangles then folded a little spot at the bottom and used bobby pins to attach to Drew’s hair

-Grey shirt from Michael’s

-Red ribbon, yellow paper and yellow chain (re-purposed from a college Halloween costume) were from Michael’s

-Used eyeliner to give him a nose

Plate of Spaghetti

-Onesie (registry gift), white hat (from hospital), cloth napkin (thanks for the hand-me-down Grammy) we had on hand

-I got yellow yarn from Michael’s. I cut them into longer strips and hot glued the top and bottom of each piece around the collar of the onesie + in a bunch on top of the hat.

-I got styrofoam balls and painted them with brown paint from Michael’s. Once the “spaghetti” had dried, I hot glued the “meatballs” in random spots around the onesie/hat.

Until next time friends!



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