December 2, 2021

3 props to bring to your baby announcement session

Baby announcements are SO exciting!! The anticipation is just the best so its always so sweet to document this stage in couples lives! I wanted to share 3 props that could be helpful to bring to your baby announcement session to make the most of our time together (see below). Every body is different and every pregnancy is different so mamas pop at different times! Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to wear something that accentuates your bump as that’ll be a focal point throughout your session!

1. Picture or painting of your first ultrasound

Including an image from your very first ultrasound is a simple yet powerful prop to incorporate!

For my own first baby announcement, we commissioned a painting of our first ultrasound and it hangs in our daughters room to this day as a piece of art, which I love!

Painting by Rachel Bush

2. Balloons

I love the balloon trend for baby announcement pictures! Especially the “baby” balloons from Amazon

3. Little shoes or onesie

If its your first baby, you likely wont have many onesies, shoes, or baby items just yet but ordering something special ahead of time or bringing family heirloom shoes makes for some sweet images. If this isn’t your first, it’s still fun to get something special for the new bundle of joy growing inside of you!

Until next time friends!



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