March 28, 2022

Maternity Sessions: What to wear, bring & when to take them

Congrats on your growing bundle of joy!! If you’re reading this post then you’re gearing up for your maternity session and might be wondering what to wear, what to bring and when the best time to take those pictures is. I hope this post helps answer all your questions!! If you have any more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

What to wear?

For really flattering bump pictures, I recommend ladies wearing a flowy dress while guys are in pants (jeans, kakis, etc.) and either a button up shirt or a casual shirt!

What to bring?

You can bring along some props too! For example, an ultrasound picture, a cute onesie or pair of shoes you have for your little one, etc. Need more ideas? Check out this blog post!

When to have your maternity pictures taken?

This is totally your preference! To play it safe, I recommend between 25-33 weeks of pregnancy. For me personally in pregnancy, my fingers swell close to 34 weeks so my wedding rings don’t fit and I love to have those in our maternity pictures. However, some women’s rings fit them their entire pregnancy so this doesn’t apply! It’s totally fine to wait until later in your pregnancy but with the nature of not being able to predict if baby will come early, on time, or late, I generally use the range 25-33 weeks.

Cheers to this beautiful season of life!

Until next time friends!


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