May 27, 2022

Ava Mae’s First Month

Wow four weeks sure FLEW by fast!! It feels like Ava has been with us forever, yet no time at all. Time is weird like that! We’ll see if I keep up with these monthly updates but I’m going to do my best because it makes creating a first year scrapbook significantly easier when that rolls around ha.

At her one week check up Ava needed to gain 7 ounces to get back up to birth weight and she instead gained 17 ounces! We were shocked but also very thankful that she’s been eating so well and has been healthy. At the end of the month she was weighing in at 10 lbs, 4.5 oz, 21.5 in long.

Some Highlights:

Bringing her into this world!! You can read all about her birth on my previous blog post, but let’s just say after two weeks of false alarms, she came fast & furious with 2 pushes in 5 minutes. We are praising God for a smooth delivery and for her health!!

Big sis Nora meeting her for the first time! We were so thankful that Nana & Pappy were able to bring her to the hospital to meet Ava + for us to see her because I was already missing Nora ha.

Being down the hall at the hospital from friends who also just had their baby!

-Getting to meet all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles & great grandparents!

Her newborn session when she was 12 days old! Some of my favorite images to date.

Mother’s Day with TWO sweet girls. We got dolled up, the girls were in matching outfits (Old Navy for the win) and we went to church (30 minutes late but we still made it there which was a win)! We celebrated with Drew’s family at their house after church and were home for a family nap around 1pm. It was glorious! We went on a family walk that evening with leftovers at home. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Going to Holliday Park. One day I loaded both girls up to have a picnic at the park and let Nora play on the playground to get some energy out. Ava slept through all of it (classic newborn). A second time the four of us loaded up and took Nora to the creek for the first time + Ava slept through all of that too. Both times it felt wonderful to get our of the house & be in nice weather/ nature together!

Jumping back into normal life & finding our new family rhythm. Drew had 2 weeks off which was such a gift! Since he’s been back to work, the transition has been going well. Each day has its highs and lows and the Lord has been meeting me so tangibly both moments. Thankfully both girls naps overlap at the same time (most) days so I’ve been able to consistently get a nap in too PTL! Honestly the adjustment from 0 to 1 kids has felt harder than 1 to 2 kids because we’ve already adjusted life to having a kid so Ava just seems to add into that rhythm smoothly. Drew and I were recently talking about how much of a blessing children really are!! Sure, there’s freedoms about life before kids that are so nice/ we miss, but it doesn’t compare to the joy and satisfaction we’ve had from raising Nora & now Ava.

Aunt Addie sleeping over. We had so much fun with her visiting!

First sister bath! Ava was in the Otteroo & Nora was jazzed about being in the big girl tub for the first time (we still use this OXO folding bathtub because its so convenient!)

Taking her first bottle with dada, with the help of her VERY excited big sister haha, while mama hung out with some friends.

Things we’ve learned about Ava:

-At first she seemed very swaddle & car seat neutral. Toward the end of the month, she seems to like both more.

-Loves water! She’s loved all her baths so far and we did the Otteroo for the first time the day before she turned 1 month. She was like a little frog moving all around; it was adorable!

-She has some reflux; just like her big sister.

-Baby acne has showed up around her face, neck & behind her ears. Doc said it should clear up on its own soon here. Her tongue is pretty much always white from milk ha.

-She’s strong and impresses us with holding her head up during tummy time/ when you hold her!

-She makes adorable noises.

-Home girl loves her sleep…and milk ha. Both of which we are SO grateful for!!

-She’s resilient and durable which is a blessing because Nora has already {unintentionally} hit her head with a book, pulled on her leg + arm while in her crib, poked her eye and hugged her a little too tightly haha. Such is life with a toddler and newborn!!

We’re SO grateful for her precious life and the perfect addition she is to our family! Cheers to one month Ava Mae!

Ava’s birth story is on a previous blog post but here’s a few images from our time at the hospital & when Nora got to meet her!
Nora immediately hugged & kissed her which melted all of us!
Nora pointing out all of Ava’s features…thankfully we avoided her eyes ha.
Getting to visit our friends, Tori + Billy + their sweet daughter Hazel, during our hospital stay!
When we first got home from the hospital!
Snuggles with Nana when we first came home from the hospital
Ava’s 1 week check up and our first time out to eat (Bipibop FTW) with both girls!
TONS more from her newborn session are on my previous blog post- click her to view them all. Seriously some of my favorite images to date!! So grateful for these!
Mother’s Day!
Holliday park adventures
We had a front yard picnic, played in the water in the backyard & lots of baby snuggles when Aunt Addie slept over!
the first time they both fell asleep in the car & lol at my attempt of pictures with their big/little sis outfits
Ava’s first bottle & the girls first bath together! We are BIG fans of the Otteroo for babies!!

Until next time friends!



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