July 5, 2022

Ava Mae’s Second Month

Wow two months really flew by! This month was full of family visits and sweet moments at home. Ava brings so much joy to our lives! Cheers to month two of life sweet girl!!

Some highlights from this month

-First time to my parents lake house & out on a boat Memorial Day weekend.

-She started smiling often, especially after nursing.

-First time in a pool…which was cold so she hated it ha. She LOVES bath time so thinking she’ll be a water bug, just like her sister!

-Ventured to the zoo with friends & nana.

-Visiting Drew at his work with lunch.

-A quick trip to Ohio while Drew was backpacking with his dad & brothers to visit with Grandpa, Gigi & Aunt Rachel.

-Local lake day with our small group friends on their pontoon boat.

-Lots of sleepy cuddles!

Things we’ve learned about Ava

-She loves being on her tummy…and just chills there instead of actually lifting her head.

-She doesn’t love going into her carseat but once she’s in, she’s a happy camper. Big sis Nora loves to rock her if she’s crying.

-She loves taking baths and coos so much during. Upon being taking out of said bath, she is NOT happy ha.

-She loves to look at ceiling fans & her activity center.

-Baby acne & cradle cap came in strong for about 1.5-2 weeks but thankfully cleared up! I put breastmilk on her face multiple times a day and prayed for it to go away haha.

-She’s smiling A LOT and its seriously the sweetest thing ever!

-She’s a growing girl eating and sleeping like a champ! She’s in the 90th percentile for both height & weight, in 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers. She is consistently sleeping 11pm-7am and I am SO thankful for that!! We’ve used the flexible schedule from Babywise that I’ve loved using with both girls.

lots of sleepy cuddles and we are here for it!!
visiting dada at work for lunch
We babysat baby Dexter for the day and that was a fun adventure- gave me a taste of what its like with three kiddos!! Thankfully nana is a superwoman and came over to help me during lunch time.
We loveee nana!! grateful for her consistent presence + help in our lives!
Nora has started to “nurse” her babies and its so funny/sweet
Smiling with Great Grampy!
snuggles with Great Grammy & Pappy!
More snuggles with Grandpa and Gigi at the lake house!
Aunt Rachel!
My Uncle Buck, Aunt Janet & cousin David visiting!
local lake day with church friends…Ava slept right through it haha
some of the babies in our small group!
Ava’s first family Saturday morning snuggles
please enjoy the crooked numbers and letters…Nora REALLY wanted to take part in the mini photoshoot haha

Until next month!



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