July 28, 2022

Ava Mae’s Third Month

Three months with Ava Mae and it just keeps getting sweeter!!

Some Highlights

-Getting to see Uncle Aaron (my oldest brother) & Abby (his girlfriend) when they were visiting Ohio from California. Of course we had to see Grandpa & Gigi during our quick trip too!

-Babysitting fun with baby Dexter.

-First frisbee golf outing with daddy & friends.

-Visiting with Aunt Addie when she returned from her mission trip in Croatia.

-Seeing Great Grandpa & Great Grandma.

-First 4th of July weekend- it was jammed packed with family time & a party at our college friend’s house which was a blast!

-Not a highlight but something to be noted: her first big blowout…went all over mommy (pic below) ha

-Our first wedding day (celebrating Jen & Ben) away- she and Nora did great for nana & pappy!

-Swimming with big sis Nora, nana & mama.

Some things we’ve learned about Ava

-Still eating & sleeping like a champ. 80th percentile for weight & 90th percentile for height this month.

-Ava LOVES to smile, especially right after nursing and it melts me into a puddle.

-Has really adorable sneezes.

-Loves to kick her legs & suck on her hands.

-LOVES bath time (and being in the pool when its warm) but hates getting out of the water (and lets you know it haha).

-Very neutral or dislikes getting into the car seat.

-She likes to face out to see everything while being held. She especially loves to watch Nora!

-She’s starting to roll onto her side and twice now has been very close to rolling onto her belly!

-Starting to get a lot more vocal! Most of her noises are the cutest (I could definitely live without the high pitch screech that occasionally makes an appearance haha).

-She really likes to make eye contact while nursing which is the sweetest.

-She’s one tough cookie…having an older sibling that’s a toddler is no joke when it comes to being resilient with physical touch/affection ha.

We love our sweet girl!! Cheers to month three (but also WOW time slow down!!)

already love their sweet sister bond!!
Saturday morning snuggles- my favorite!!
all the babies all the time for miss Nora Sue
I’m covered in…POOP! It went out the back & both sides of her diaper…talk about a blow out! Thankfully we were home ha.
small group friends

Nora loves to “burp” Ava which melts me
visiting daddy at work for lunch!

soaking up all the snuggest because they go so fast!!
my photoshoot helper
one of the main reasons I’m doing this: to make it super easy to create her 1 year book so she can look through it all the time like Nora does (which melts me in a puddle!)

Until next month!



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