August 25, 2022

Ava Mae’s Fourth Month

Month FOUR with our Ava girl! We can’t get enough of her sweetness

Some Highlights

-Celebrating Nana’s belated birthday.

-Time with Gigi & Grandpa while we photographed a wedding (Emily & Josh).

-My college friend, Jill, getting to visit & meet Ava.

-Quality time with nana while big sis Nora started swim lessons on Monday mornings.

-First time to the Indiana State Fair.

-First flight!

-First trip to Colorado!

-First vacation as a family of four.

-Seeing Uncle JT & Emily the day we got back from Colorado! We also got to see pappy (MVP for picking us up at the airport), nana (MVP for feeding us when we arrived) and aunt Addie which was sweet!

-Attending a birthday party for/with small group friends.

*Fun fact: we found out 1 year ago (August 23rd, on my dad’s bday) that we were pregnant with Ava

Things we’ve learned about Ava

-She loves to roll from her back to her belly & belly to back! She has been sleeping on her belly a lot recently.

-She loves to smile!!

-She’s starting to giggle and it is the BEST noise ever!

-She loves her hands & drooling

-She discovered her toes.

-When she’s SUPER excited or getting tired she screeches like a pterodactyl and it is not our favorite noise because it kinda hurts your ears. Hopefully this will pass! In the mean time, we blow in her face to negatively reinforce it when she does because she’s not a fan of that.

-Still a huge water bug and kicks and smiles pretty much the entire time she’s in the bath. It’s seriously adorable. Nora loves to be in the bath with her to help clean her feet! She doesn’t cry when we take her out of the bath as much anymore either which is nice.

-Loves to watch her sister play and will contort herself/roll over just so she can see Nora ha.

-Home girl can poop! We’ve had several blowouts this month which is not mommy’s favorite. On the plus side, I’m thankful she’s regular haha.

-Has the best leg rolls & round cheeks that we all kiss ALL the time!!

-She is the sweetest little thing & we praise God for her precious life!

think we had enough bags!? ha. 2 checked bags, 2 car seats, 1 double stroller, 1 carry on & 1 diaper bag. Drew was SUPER DAD with all of our stuff!
the girls did AMAZING on the flights to Colorado!!
We had the BEST time traveling with our dear friends the Jacksons!
Above: Pre hike, Below: Post hike
I nursed Ava on the go a lot during this trip and overall she did great with that! My FAVORITE was when we were hiking on the side of the mountain and the rest of the group kept hiking so it was a really calm, quiet, sweet moment with her. Felt like such a God moment!
Diaper changes & snuggles on the airplane!
the girls did amazing traveling home!
Far right: when Ava got bandaids for her shots, Nora also wanted two bandaids ha
I just love their sweet bond & Nora’s desire to be close to Ava- it seriously melts me!!
baby girl has started to prefer sleeping on her tummy
when you have a blowout at the grocery store and mom forget to pack an extra outfit but remembered your bow…. hahaha
Speaking of blowouts (she’s been having those a decent amount this month) this was an epic one that went UP TO HER SHOULDER!!???! How does that even happen??!
All the sudden I heard Nora yell, “Uh oh” and I just see a puddle of poop under Ava. Again with the blowouts…at least she’s regular! haha
Nora thought it was funny to climb in when Ava was napping
Grandpa & Gigi!
Nana & Pappy!
my college friend Jill visiting!
can’t get enough of these snuggles and baby face smashes
Ava’s first time to the state fair!
We love our small group friends!!

Until next month!



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