October 6, 2022

Ava Mae’s Fifth Month

FIVE MONTHS with our Ava girl!! That blows my mind. Yet, at the same time, I can’t imagine our family without her in it now. We adore her and love the role she plays in our life!

Some Highlights

-Lake day with Brown family- Ava did get in the water but it was pretty cold so she wasn’t a fan. Matching crocks with Nora, Uncle JT & Emily were a highlight of that day!

-Time with nana while we worked on more house projects with pappy.

-Ava’s first time visiting Uncle Justin & Aunt Katie in Goshen, IN.

-Time with Grandpa & Gigi while we were in town for an engagement session.

-Meeting some of my best friends from high school: Allie, Natalie & Jessica!

-My uncle Bob’s 65th birthday celebration.

-Visit from Chelsea & baby Dexter!

-Enjoying fall weather!

Some things we’ve learned

-Miss Ava is SMILING all the time. She is a really happy baby! When Nora was a baby we had to work to get her to smile; she was just generally more serious…but not out Ava girl haha.

-She loves to be bounced/up in the air…a very quick way to get her to start giggling!

-She’s in a really sucky phase…meaning she wants to suck on literally EVERYTHING (my nose included haha). We’ve started telling people holding her to not put their hands in her mouth because she’ll likely try to suck on them (which, at first was fine but the more and more it kept happening, the more it stressed me out ha)

-She LOVES her sister Nora- always looking at her with the biggest smile. Their little friendship just melts me!

-Still loving bath time, which often happens with Nora so that’s fun play time.

-Still nursing & sleeping like a champ! She still sleeping 11-12 hours at night (PTL for Babywise and generally being a good sleeper).

Prayer Request

We know that prayer is POWERFUL and the more prayers the better! Ava has a little bump on the back of her head that we discovered really early on/have been monitoring closely over the last 5 months. It could be something that goes away on its own or something that needs to be surgically removed. Please join us in praying that she wouldn’t need surgery & that it’ll go away on its own! We’ll know next steps in the upcoming weeks after an ultrasound.

Ava got bandaids for shots so naturally, Nora wanted some too haha.
My daily challenge: getting them both to smile in the same picture. It’s a rare accomplishment haha
the best daddy!!
my first time running again since Ava was born

this picture really makes me laugh

Until next month!



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