February 16, 2023

Ave Mae’s Ninth Month

Welp, I blinked and here we are. NINE MONTHS! Ava Mae is a sweet and feisty as she can be and we are loving every minute with her!

Some Highlights

-First New Years! We had a sleepover with some of our best friends and it was so much fun! We also hit up the Children’s Museum again, which was a lot of fun!

-She’s pulling up to kneel or stand on things. We had to lower her crib and that was equally heartbreaking and exciting for me.

-Attending two of Aunt Addie’s basketball games!

-Celebrating her mama’s 29th birthday- Drew had several surprises planned for this, which was so sweet!

Things we’ve learned

-She does NOT like having her snot rubbed/removed, which was a bummer because she had a little cold and another ear infection this month.

-Still have very smiley, happy, sweet girl!

-She learned how to wave (aka opening and closing her hands which a giant smile on her face ha)

-She’s getting a lot faster at crawling these days!

-She loves chasing the vacuum.

-Really loves bath time. Whenever she hears the water starting she fast crawls over, pulls herself up and tries to get in ha.

-ADORES her big sister Nora!

-Home girl LOVES solid foods! There’s been a few times that she eats more than Nora!

the tongue haha
all the cuddles & story times with daddy!
Racing down the slide at the Children’s Museum
NYE sleepover with some of our best friends!
We love Aunt Addie!!
they love to get into our closet, then ask me to close the door & play for a while in here haha
Saying “YES” to being flower girls for Aunt Addie + (soon to be) Uncle Colton
small group friends!

Until next month!



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