March 3, 2023

Ava Mae’s Tenth Month

I absolutely cannot believe Ava is TEN months old!! We’re so close to one year and that is so bittersweet- time slow down, yet, so grateful for her growth and the exciting developments she’s having + that are to come! We love getting to see and learn more of her spunky, sweet personality!!

Some Highlights

-LOTS of time outside this month! We went to a few parks with friends and played outside in the backyard often. This has been such a highlight!

-Baby shower for some of our small group leaders! We are so grateful for the community this group has been to us the last four years!

-Farm weekend with some of our best friends!

-First tea party with small group ladies.

-Made it through our first house project of 2023 (board & batten accent walls). I’m excited to share an update on their shared room once it’s completed because it’s getting a fun face lift!

-Mommy & Me Valentine’s Day party.

-Visting Grandpa & Gigi in Ohio.

-Saying “YES” to being Uncle JT & (soon-to-be) Aunt Emily’s flower girls!

-Seeing some of my childhood best friends/ a few of them meeting her for the first time!

-She’s still nursing and eating solids really well, which we’re so thankful for!

Things we’ve learned

-She loves to wave!

-She learned how to give kisses…which is really just a WIDE mouth open to your face and its the sweetest

-Ava Mae is very fast at crawling and starting to pull up to stand on everything!

-She wants to be near. If Nora and I walk into another room she squeels and fast crawls to catch up, it’s precious.

-She’s so smily, giggly

-50/50 hates diaper changes or loves them, no in between ha.

-She’s all about the “pincher fingers” to grab food or toys.

Tea party with the gals while Drew & our friend Nolan were hard at work doing 3 different accent walls (living room, hallway & the girls shared bedroom)
Grandpa & Gigi’s house!
meeting one of my childhood best friends, Lexi!
Saying “YES” to being Uncle JT & (soon to be) Aunt Emily’s flower girls!
when the board & batten was in process in their room/before we re-arranged everything!
I just LOVE her sweet little baby feet (the the tongue out ha)

Until next time friends!



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