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March 28, 2024

Bellingham, Washington Spring Wedding | Joel & Alé

Last Thursday we hopped on an airplane to Seattle, Washington to celebrate Joel & Alé getting married! This was such a special wedding for me to photograph because Alé is one of the cousins I’ve been closest to my entire life. We had SO much fun spending time with family and celebrating what God has done bringing these two together! Alé incorporated special heirlooms like flowers from her mom’s veil and a birthstone charm from her deceased grandma on her bridal bouquet. They kept things simple but every detail was intentional. Their moms joined forces and cooked all the delicious food. Alé was radiating joy and peace throughout the entire day…just see what I mean in the sneak peaks below!

A little backstory on this sweet couple, from the bride’s perspective:

“We met during the peak of COVID, right after vaccines had just came out for healthcare employees. Joel had just turned 28, and I was 3 short months behind him. Neither of us where looking for anything serious, but we were both “lonely” from all the isolation. I had just had a conversation with my dad about how I was going to be 28, and being alone, and how sad I had been, and not having anyone to share life with, or just to have the comfort of knowing someone loves me.  My dad proceeded telling me that he was about my age, and having a very similar conversation with his aunt (who happens to share the same birthday as me), and she had told him that its not always about finding the right person, its also about the right timing. He then told me that he had met my mom about a week after they had that conversation. Fast forward 27 years, and here I was having the same conversation with my dad, and met joel about a week after. When we first met, all I could think about was how tall and handsome he was, and then I realized how sweet and funny he is. You could say I was quite attracted to his looks before realizing what a special person he is, and quickly falling in love with his personality and soul. If I ever knew what love was before, I am sure I know what it is now, because I know I can be my most vulnerable child like self, and we will just laugh and have fun together. I never feel intimidated or ashamed to talk to him about stressors because I know he will be calm and protect my heart and love me. We were dating for about 10 months before I started going to church with him, which is something I have felt so lost and empty about for so long. During covid, I felt especially lost and empty before meeting Joel, and I know God brought us into each others lives at the perfect timing. He knew when we needed to meet each other, and how to bring us closer to him and each other.”


Venue: Broadway Hall | Gown Designer: Justin Alexander | Boutique: K&B Bridal Boutique- Boonsboro, MD | Bridesmaid attire: Azazie | Groom’s attire: The Black Tux | Groomsmen attire: Azazie

That just married feeling!!

Their streamer exit was pretty epic & had everyone laughing hard!

Until next time friends!



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