April 22, 2024

Dog Themed Birthday Party: Ava Mae Turns TWO!

For Ava Mae’s 2nd birthday, we had a dog themed birthday pawty and it was so much fun!! We had dog bone water bottles and all the kids got to “adopt a puppy.” The older kids used beads, string & pipe cleaners to make dog collars & leashes which was just adorable. With nana’s help, Ava made a dog collar for her puppy too! We even had one of the girls favorite real dogs, Bingley, attend.

Nora and Ava helped me decorate the night before and their JOY and excitement was very precious. Drew joked that the “pawty” theme was fitting as Ava was potty trained the week prior. Happy to report both potty training and the party went great!

I can’t believe our sweet Ava Mae is TWO! She is thoughtful, tough, silly and her sweet voice is next level cute. It was a joy to celebrate her with loved ones!!

Dog & pawty banner: Meri Meri | Dog plates: Meri Meri | Dog napkins: Meri Meri | Pastel Rainbow Balloons: Amazon | Dog water bottles: Amazon | Small dogs: Meijer | Beads, string & pipe cleaners for dog collars/leashes: JoAnn Fabrics | Mini dogs around cake: Amazon | Signage: Etsy | Pawty shirt: handmade with my Cricut, shirt from Walmart | Cake toppers: handmade from a friend, cake from Meijer

The dog bone water bottles were a hit!

Sweet Zoe (3 months) slept through 90% of the fun haha.

Ava had lots of help from her big sis opening presents lol

Nana helping Ava make her “dog collar”

Great Grammy & Grampy (above) and proof that Zoe was around at the beginning (below with Pappy). It was so special to have Aunt Addie join too! Other friends + kids not pictured.

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