June 9, 2020

We’re Having a Baby GIRL!! | Virtual Gender Reveal Party

We had SO much fun finding out baby Brown’s gender with our immediate families!! Since COVID-19 was/is still a concern, we opted to do a virtual reveal with our families. Initially I was a bit bummed not to do this in person but this ended up being so much fun!!

I had my 20 week appointment that morning (which was CRAZY to see how baby girl has grown since my first ultrasound!!). Since I’m still going solo to baby appointments (again, COVID precaution but I’m hopeful Drew will be able to join again for at least one more before baby comes), they kindly turned the screen off + put the picture which clearly labeled if it was a boy/girl in a sealed envelope. I left the appointment and headed straight to my friend Casey’s house to deliver the envelop. She made us cupcakes which we’d later bite into to find out if we’re having a girl or boy! She brought the cupcakes over a few hours later and at 6pm we had a virtual call with both of our immediate families. We played a little old wives tale game then bit into the cup cakes (see a short clip of the video below)…to our surprise to find out we’re having a GIRL!! It was so much fun & so surreal.

We did the gender reveal Thursday night then headed on family vacation the next day so we soaked the sweet surprise up with family/friends for almost two weeks before sharing online. Below are also a few pictures Drew’s brother, JT, took of us at the lake house & a few Drew took of me + baby bump when our magnolia tree was still in bloom!

The cupcakes were INCREDIBLY tasty! Thanks again Casey!!
Here’s a short clip from our family Zoom call when we all found out!

Our magnolia tree was in its glory for 2-3 weeks around Easter so we snuck in a few pictures before it got destroyed by the weather! I never got around to posting them so here we are haha. My little bump sure has grown since then!! The pink dress seems so fitting now (even though we were convinced it was going to be a boy ha).

We cannot wait to meet this baby girl!!



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