November 30, 2020

Nora’s First Month

Well now that she’s 7 weeks old, it seemed fitting to publish this ha! It’s really hard to imagine that Nora is over a month old!! Those first four weeks of her life sure did FLY by!! She was born at 7lbs, 7oz, 21in. At her one week check up she was 7lbs 15oz and by the time her one month check up came, she was 10lbs exactly and 22in. She’s a growing girl for sure and for that we are SO grateful!!

Some highlights:

  • Introducing her to our families for the first time. Since she was born during COVID, Drew was the only one allowed at the hospital. While it was a bit crazy those first few days at home with our immediate families visiting, it was so sweet to share her! The first time I cried after delivering was when my dad walked in the door…it hit me that WOW my dad is here to meet MY daughter!
  • Story time with daddy. One time when I was nursing her (around 2 weeks I think) Drew came over and read the children’s book “God Gave Us You” and I sobbed. Those kids books are brutal I tell ya!
  • Reflecting on God’s love. It’s crazy…Nora has done absolutely NOTHING but exist and I love her so much/would do absolutely anything for her. It’s simply because of who she is. And even still my love for her doesn’t even begin to compare to the Lord’s love!! That has been such a sweet reminder.
  • Going on a date with Drew when she was 4 days old. Nana & Pappy were super excited to watch her- makes me so grateful to have family close!! This was a sweet memory because Drew and I processed her birth/first few days at our favorite date spot. We’ve been told so many times that the best thing we can do for our kids is have a healthy marriage so I’m excited to keep fighting for that!
  • Taking her to my hometown and visiting my mom’s grave (which happened to be the day before her 11th anniversary). This was really special to do with my dad, stepmom, brother Dan & Drew. The weather was perfect that day and it just felt so sweet…definitely treasuring that memory!
  • Her First Halloween! I had fun making our lady & the tramp costume… Nora was a (very sleepy) plate of spaghetti.
  • Meeting friends! Sharing her with people we love has definitely been a highlight!!
  • Learning to be Nora’s mom. Learning what she needs and how to communicate that has been one of the hardest parts of transitioning but also one of the best! I wouldn’t have described it as fun initially but now that I’ve gained more confidence and feel like we know her more, it has been a fun aspect. In a way I feel more connected to my mom, just imagining this is how much love and adoration she felt about my brothers and I, just like I feel about baby Nora!

Some things we’ve learned about Nora:

  • She LOVES getting baths, especially when we run warm water over her head.
  • She loves getting her diaper changed. It took me a little bit to figure her out because there was multiple times we went through 3 diapers in one changing because she would get sooo relaxed and home girl lets loose haha. I had no idea you could be peed on by a girl but turns out, you definitely can!
  • She loves her daddy’s voice and being held by him- if she’s crying she pretty much instantly stops once he holds her.
  • She smiles when she farts haha
  • She tolerates tummy time but sure has surprised us with her strength! She definitely prefers to do tummy time on our chests vs the play mat or floor.
  • She loves her sleep…especially the first two weeks I was waking her up every time she needed to eat. We’ve been using the flexible sleep/eating schedule from Baby Wise and that’s been so helpful for us- we highly recommend!!

Here’s some pictures from her first month of life!

More on her birth in my previous post!
Nora’s middle name, Sue, is in honor of both of our biological moms! My mom’s first name was Susan (she often went by Sue) and Drew’s mom’s middle name is Sue. In a lot of ways having a girl and getting to honor our moms, specifically my own who isn’t with us, has been healing and really sweet for me. I can’t wait to tell her all about the amazing woman my mom was some day and at the same time I’m SO thankful and excited that Nora has my step mom & mother-in-law as the most incredible grandmas (gigi and nanna).
this picture literally melts me in a puddle. Ahh I just love these two SO MUCH!!
My dad & step-mom, aka Grandpa & Gigi!
One of my older brothers, Daniel! Nora looks extra squishy here haha
Dan brought his new sleeping pad to test out and it ended up being the perfect spot for Nora’s first photoshoot! Behind the scene shot of Drew swaddling her.
Our first family walk!
When Drew’s family, Nana, Pappy & Aunt Addie, met her first the first time!
Nora loves here Nana & aunt Addie!
Drew’s grandparents, parents, and us!
Great Grammy & Grampy
four generations
My oldest brother Aaron and his girlfriend Abby got to visit from California! We loved having them stay with us while they were in town!
^ yawing, cheek poking, and laughing…I wouldn’t expect anything less from the three of us ha
Nora’s finger sucking: a series
she holds my finger a lot or folds her hands like she’s praying while nursing and it just MELTS me!!!
The arm wrap around also kills me!
Some of my favorite images from her newborn session when she was 5 days old!
Visiting with my family in Dayton, Ohio when she was three weeks old! This was a fun adventure but WOW we sure did pack a TON for just the weekend haha. It was a great first go at what we actually need to bring when we travel with her!
It was so sweet to take her with us to my mama’s grave.
I love this one of my dad & Nora!
taking her first bottle with daddy! she sure does love him A LOT
Left: her very first doctor’s appointment the day after we came home
Right: My first solo drive with her in route to her one week check up! Drew took one week off from work which ended up dipping into two weeks since she we went to the hospital on a Tuesday. It was fun to meet him for lunch + go to her one week check up together!
Nora’s first Halloween Lady & the Tramp edition!
Some of our best friends came to visit the last weekend in October!! By default of they are now Uncle Alex + Aunt Madi haha
can’t get enough of her sweet finger holds!
Drew’s favorite animal is a sloth so that has been incorporated in her onesies, my socks, her bath towel, and how she wraps her arm on Drew sometimes haha.
She joined us on voting day! Gotta start em’ young!!
Fun times friends meet our sweet girl!
meeting Uncle Justin for the first time!
a few of her one month portraits!
This last picture was taken on the day she was exactly one month old. Oh how the time flies!!

Until next time friends!



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