December 7, 2020

Nora’s Second Month

I feel like I blinked and we’re here! How am I already writing her second month post!? She’s growing and changing so much already, its crazy to me!! Her first month of life was incredible, but I am really loving her starting to interact with us more as her personality comes out!

Some things we’ve learned about Nora:

-She still loves to get her diaper changed & bath time! Our friends got us an Otteroo and that has been really fun to do with her!

-She started to smile in response to us! She smiles the most at Drew which makes me super jealous haha

-Her back & feet are tickleish

-She can track with her eyes! She really loves to follow people & her sloth toy that makes noises.

-Whenever she yawns, which is often, she always seems to get me or Drew too haha.

-She’s had some congestion and clogged nose…I’ve become a champ at getting boogers out (things I’d never thought I’d say!!)

-She’s started to make really adorable noises

-Her little grip has gotten a lot stronger! She loves holding our fingers (and we love it too!)

-She loves her sleep (just like her daddy!) She started sleeping through the night and its been amazing! We’ve been using the flexible sleep/eating schedule from Baby Wise and that’s been so helpful for us!! We highly recommend it to any new parents!!

-Speaking of sleep…she loves sleeping in her car seat! This has been especially helpful during our two trips to Ohio this month and my weekly grocery store runs!

-She’s chunking up- double chin, leg rolls in all and its the best!! At her one month check up she was 10lbs exactly & 22in. Now she’s 12 lbs 14oz & 23in. Her cheeks are SOOO kissable…like, I can’t contain myself! ha

Some highlights:

Getting into our new life rhythm. Her first month was a whirl wind so this month I feel like we were able to slow down some and find our new normal. The initial rush for our immediate families/friends to meet her was over and things (i.e. sleep schedule, breastfeeding, learning her different cries, etc.) weren’t as foreign.

Our morning routine. With the new life rhythm, I have LOVED our morning routine. Nora’s first meal of the day is at 6am so I get her out of her crib, nurse her in her room then we go wake daddy up. She is always SO smily in the morning so this is especially sweet. We get to hang out for about 20 minutes before Drew gets ready to leave for work and its just the best!!

-All the sweet baby noises she’s started to make! She can be quit chatty and I LOVE it!!

Nursing her has definitely been a sweet gift and one of my biggest highlights so far. I was pretty nervous/weary of what it’d be like before she arrived and I’m thankful that’s been redeemed in a lot of ways!

Meeting Aunt Katie for the first time!

Taking Christmas card pictures– she was a champ!

-Her getting better at taking a bottle. We ended up switching to a preemie nipple because she kept choking/gaging on the other ones (too much flow/she needed to work for it a little more) and that has gone tons better! Much less of a mess too haha.

-Her first Thanksgiving! As for most people because of COVID, this year was a lot more low key than ever before but still very sweet & fun!

Meeting some more of our close friends for the first time!

Attending her first wedding celebrating our close college friend, Liv & her now husband Logan! Cheers to the Parsons!!

2 months going on 13…yikes!
this was the first day she started smiling in response to us, not just when she farted haha
the contagious yawn I mentioned haha
Play time with Aunt Katie and taking her bottle like a champ with Pappy!
Nora was a big hit for Christmas card pictures this year! Can’t get enough of this little nugget!!
Aunt Katie and Uncle Justin got her her first brown bear from their trip out west!
story time…she didn’t quite follow along this time ha
she has some CRAZY hair days!!! hahaha
that post bath glow haha
her arm wrap around still melts me to pieces!!
she “supervised” us putting up Christmas lights!
Drew’s favorite animal is a sloth so my step sister made her this adorable onesie and nana got her this cute sloth. Naturally, I had to take pictures!
My grandpa Ed started a business that my dad and uncle now run. Their mascot is a whale so we had to get a few for them too!
play time/ bath with the Otteroo- she seriously loves this! looks like a little frog swimming around and its the cutest haha.
tummy time on/with daddy!
taking her bottle like a champ!
Helping everyone play skipbo on Thanksgiving day!
Virtual Thanksgiving with my family!
Meeting two of my best friends since 4th grade: Allie and Natalie. They are the best honorary aunts ever!!
We got to visit with grandpa & gigi on our quick day trip to Ohio!
Our morning routine is my favorite. Love all these smiles!!
I’m grateful that my mother-n-law came over to help me with her two month portraits because she sure is a wiggle worm!!
Visiting with Alex & Madi in Columbus, OH! Alex hosted us for the weekend of Liv’s wedding which was a blast!
Liv & Logan’s wedding!

Until next time friends!



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  1. Mary Morton says:

    These are beautiful photos and memories!
    I really enjoyed viewing them, and which I were closer.
    If you ever have time on your way to or from your Dad’s in Dayton, I’d love you to stop by. I’m only a short way north of I70. No pressure of course.
    Love, Mary