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June 22, 2021

Brown family vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine

Since marrying into the Brown family, this will be my third trip to Maine with them which is SO fun! The first one was right after we got married in 2016 (literally 1 weeks after we got home from our honeymoon haha) and the second time in 2018. Each trip has felt different but this one was especially fun because we had baby Nora in tow! We did really missed Drew’s brother JT who has been in Montenegro this past year!!

Due to COVID, we haven’t seen Drew’s grandparents much at all the last year so time all together was definitely the biggest highlight!! We had LOTS to celebrate that week as Drew turned 27, Addie, turned 21, Justin turned 25, Drew and I celebrated 5 years of marriage and Mark & Diane celebrated 30 years (end of May). Doing my “virtual scrapbook” as I love to share our life and travel recommendations with ya!

If you’re ever traveling to Bar Harbor specifically, here’s some recommendations from this we did this time but you check out my first and second Maine posts for more!

Some things we love & recommend:

-Kayaking in the ocean and getting to see all sorts of wild life (like seals & bald eagles). We highly recommend using Maine State Sea Kayak 

-Hiking Bee Hive

-Climbing on rocks from Sand Beach to Thunder Hole Rocks

-Bass Harbor Lighthouse at sunset

-Shopping in Bar Harbor

-San Bar walk with low tide in Bar Harbor

-Jordan Pond House (they have amazing popovers + lemonade!)

-West Street Restaurant for a nice dinner (we did this as a joint birthday/anniversaries dinner celebration!)

Nora did AMAZING on the long car ride there and back! I’m so thankful we decided to drive through he night both ways since that’s her longest stretch of sleep.
Kicked off the trip with some shopping in Bar Harbor and a little picnic lunch!
Homegirl couldn’t hang ha
We celebrated Mark & Diane’s 30th wedding anniversary by making lobster! This was quite an adventure ha
Addie, Katie & I made a fun charcuterie board!
Nora enjoyed a cucumber while we had lobster, lobster rolls and lemon chicken!
Some of the crew hiked beehive! Then we all met up after to climb some rocks
The house we stayed in had the most beautiful pink & white bushes!!
Epic and beautiful view from the screened porch!
Ice cream after dinner!
Kayak day!! Nana + grandparents gifted us with babysitting Nora so both Drew and I could go- they are THE BEST!!
For Addie’s 21st birthday we got popovers!
Then headed to a vineyard for a wine tasting!
For Justin’s 25th birthday we hiked Cadillac mountain!
Nora hitched a ride with Addie on the way up and with me on the way down
Drew took these pictures and they turned out SO WELL!! This lighthouse is such a beautiful spot!!
Okay wow the cheek kiss MELTS me!!!
Lots of sea glass hunting for Two Chick Pebble Art!
We ended the trip with a nice meal to celebrate Drew’s 27th birthday, Addie’s 21st birthday, Justin’s 25th birthday, our 5th wedding anniversary and Mark & Diane’s 30th wedding anniversary…needless to say, we had LOTS to celebrate together throughout the week!! Super grateful for grandma & grandpa’s generosity in making this amazing trip possible!!

Until next time friends!



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