June 29, 2021

Nora’s Nineth Month

We had LOTS of sweet family time (with both sides of our extended families) and two really long car rides this month and Nora was a CHAMP! We’re grateful for her chill, flexible, and happy demeanor! It’s really fun and sweet to see more of her personality come to light. We love you SO much Nora Sue!!

Things we’ve learned:

-She does great traveling! So far she’s flown to Florida and Hilton Head and this month we did a 10 hour road trip to Georgia and an 18 hour drive to Maine. I must say flying is so much better but she was a champ throughout it all!!

-She LOVES standing and walking assisted.

-She’s army crawling, rolling all over, sitting up all by herself and starting to pull herself up on things. No actual crawling or walking yet though!

-Definitely showing all the symptoms of teething but none have popped through just yet. That has made for a few fussy + super clingy to mommy days (not complaining ha) + some disturbed naps (thankfully not at night though). Growing is painful!!

-Im addition to puree foods, we’ve started doing solid foods at lunch and dinner as well which has been fun! She’s had strawberry, banana, cucumber, sweet potato, regular potato, avocado and lemon. The lemon was very anti-climatic because she liked it ha. I craved lemons/ate them a decent amount while pregnant with her so maybe she’s used to it haha.

-She’s is so smiley and giggly and its truly the best!

-She has A LOT to say & we love listening to all her babbles.

-She does a funny noise with her tongue & sticks it out a lot so that’s pretty cute/funny.

-She loves to play with her rubber blocks and eat books (trying to stop this one ha).

-Still loves bath time and we finally found + unpacked the box with all her bath toys so she’s been having a lot of fun with those!

Some Highlights:

-Pool party with our small group!

-Going to Georgia for my family reunion

-Our close friends Alex & Madi’s got married!! Nora attended their rehearsal dinner which was fun!

-Meeting Sammie Jo (the daughter one of my best friends from college- they’re about 20 days apart) for the first time!!

-Seeing Meg, Liv (college friends) and Allie (best bud since middle school) while we were in Columbus!

-Going to Maine for Drew’s family vacation. While on vacation we got to celebrate Drew’s 27th Birthday, aunt Addie’s 21st, uncle Justin’s 25th, nana & pappy’s 30th wedding anniversary and our 5th Wedding anniversary!

-Settling into our new house has been amazing! We moved the day she turned 9 months, were home for a little over a week then traveled for 2 weeks so it was a whirl wind to say the least! It’s sooo nice to start feeling settled again and while traveling was so much fun + the sweetest family time, we’re all happy to be home again!

-Celebrating Drew’s Grampy’s 80th birthday!

-Her hair is getting long enough for a little braid! The challenge is getting her to stay still long enough to actually do said braid haha.

Gotta start her love for cameras early haha
her hair is getting long enough to do some little braids! this however is VERY difficult today because she’s always moving around!!
my step mom came for the afternoon to help me clean & unpack. So grateful!! Nora loved her GiGi time too!
morning bedhead and smiles
morning snuggles are my FAVORITE!
my immediate family!
with my two older brothers, Aaron & Daniel!

We moved into our new house, were home for one week then headed to Georgia. After Georgia we were home for 2 days then headed to Columbus, OH for Alex & Madi’s wedding! From Ohio we headed straight to Maine…WOW it was a whirl wind but so much fun!! Minus both Drew and I getting stomach bugs…that was zero fun ha.

Seeing some of my best buds in Columbus: Meg & her baby Sammie Jo, Liv and Allie!
the view from the house we stayed in was AMAZING!
her cheek kiss KILLS me!! ugh love this little girlie SO much!
Our friend Bekah came to visit and made the most delicious pie!!
Helping with laundry…kind of. I have to keep my piles behind her otherwise she’ll get into them haha.
starting to use her big car stroller attachment (I seriously LOVE this stroller!!) and pull herself up!
Loving her new swing that daddy put up!

Grampy’s 80th birthday celebration!!
We moved a lot closer to Drew’s work so he got to come home for lunch which was super fun!
she’s been doing 20-30 minutes of independent play every day (when we’re home/not traveling…definitely wasn’t happening while traveling!) which has been amazing! This portable play yard has been great for both indoors & outdoors!
left: bedtime sleepy | right: teething is ROUGH and has totally disturbed her afternoon nap several days so the only way to get her to sleep is wearing/holding her…the snuggles are truly the best though!
she LOVES these blocks!!
Just hanging with daddy. I can’t get enough of these two!!

WOW this was a longgg one but it makes up for a short one before. Until next time friends!



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