November 8, 2022

Ava Mae’s Sixth Month

Half a year with precious Ava- what a gift!! 17 lbs, 21 oz & 27 in of pure sweetness. She is our SMILEY babe and we couldn’t love her more!

What Happened This Month

-Matching sister outfits for a friend’s birthday party (thanks to Gigi)

-Seeing extended family at great Grammy’s house (on the same day as the bday party ha)

-She got a little cold- LOTS of snot and a little cough, poor babe. Thankfully it didn’t last very long.

-She started eating real food (purred) and has been loving it!

-Meeting one of my college best friends, Hannah!

-Started sharing a room with big sis Nora and it’s going GREAT! I still keep them in separate rooms for their overlapping 1pm nap though because Nora is chatty sometimes ha.

-She had a dermatologist appointment & follow up ultrasound at the hospital. The bump on her head that we noticed shortly after she was born is a dermoid cyst so she’ll need to get it surgery removed. We’re waiting to hear back from her doctor regarding next steps/timing- please pray for this to go smoothly!

-Hanging with Grandpa & Gigi while we photographed a wedding in Ohio. We also got to visit with Aunt Rachel and Uncle Dan, which was a fun surprise!

-Hanging with Nana & Pappy while I photographed another wedding in Ohio (Drew went to an OSU game).

-Celebrating Nora’s 2nd birthday. Ava LOVES her big sis so much!!

-Play dates with friends.

-First pumpkin patch/ fall festival.

-Fun family time as we had Nora’s 2nd birthday party, birthday dinner for Uncle JT & Aunt Katie, and Aunt Addie got engaged to Colton!! It was a BIG weekend for the Brown family haha.

Things we’ve learned

-She LOVES to watch everyone/ face out when being held.

-She loves trying real food! So far we’ve done rice cereal w/ breastmilk, green beans, butternut squash, pumpkin & sweet potatoes.

-Still loving bath time, especially with Nora. They literally just look at each other and giggle- it melts me in a puddle!

-Has discovered that she can throw toys off of her activity center and really getting a thrill out of it ha. Nora runs to pick them up and give them back, which is very sweet and entertaining to watch.

-Loves chewing on feet; not limited to her own haha.

-She’s starting to sit up unassisted!

-She loves to SMILE! And we love to smile back at her!!

At Ava’s dermatologist appointment. Unfortunately the little bump on her head is a dermoid cyst so it will need to be surgically removed.
Nora’s two sweet birthday party!
Great Grandpa, Great Grandpa & Nana
LOL at Nora’s nose picking
Nana & Pappy!
We love Emily (Drew’s bro JT’s girlfriend)
Family Halloween costume this year: Mario, Luigie, Princess Peach & Donkey Kong
Zoo Boo with friends!
Riding in their joint bday gift from Great Gma & Gpa.
Meeting one of my college best friends, Hannah!
stuck in a traffic jam & tried to make the most of it

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