November 23, 2022

Ava Mae’s Seventh Month

I’m in denial that our precious Ava Mae is SEVEN MONTHS OLD. How!?! This was a fun month with our favorite babe. She brings so much joy & sweetness to our family!

Some Highlights:

-Zoo Boo with friends

-First Trick or Treat (aka family costume pictures then sleeping through it ha)

-Flying to Texas for her second cousin’s wedding. It was a very fun mommy/Ava trip while Daddy & Nora held down the fort at home.

-First daylight savings…on our travel day home from Texas.

-Playdates with friends

-Her first snow!

-Family Christmas card pictures

-Visiting some of our college best friends in Columbus, Ohio

-First Thanksgiving

Things we learned about her:

-She is THE SMILIEST baby & giggles often

-She’s very chatty, especially with Nora. She’s babbling “dada” all the time! She still makes a super high pitch noise that hurts our ears so trying to help re-direct that haha.

-She LOVES to splash in the bath tub & throw toys off of her activity center

-She is often distracted nursing…mainly because she wants to see what Nora is up to ha.

-She’s pushing up on all fours a lot, but not crawling yet. If we leave her on the group and walk away for a minute, we’ll often come back with her under a chair, couch, or bed because she has the backward scooch down pat.

-She’s drooling like a fountain, but no teeth in sight!

Happy seven months sweet girl!!

Ava did AMAZING flying…slept pretty much all of it ha. These days when she nurses she puts her hands all of my face & nose and it melts me in a puddle every time.

Until next time friends!



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