January 13, 2023

Ava Mae’s Eighth Month

Some Highlights

-Definitely not a highlight but it was eventful- we all got sick and Ava was super affected by it for a few days which was hard, sad, pitiful and scary for my mama heart at times. This then turned into a double ear infection so felt like sickness was a BIG theme of her 8th month unfortunately because it lasted half the month. This also affected her (and as a result my) night time sleep because she wasn’t feel well; poor babe!

-She started crawling! This has been SO much fun!!

-Uncle JT (and soon to be Aunt Emily)’s engagement party in Cincinnati! It was so much fun to celebrate these two and we are thrilled to gain another aunt in July!! Ava especially has a sweet bond with Em!

-Getting our Christmas tree at Dull’s Tree Farm with our close friends the Jacksons. Ava slept through most of this adventure in our Ergo baby carrier.

-Aunt Addie’s basketball game & seeing one of my college friends, Jill!

-Winter family day- this is when we celebrated Christmas as a family of 4. It was SO sweet to watch the girls play together on their little piano and we loved ice skating at Holliday Park!

-Her first Christmas! We celebrated as a family of 4, with my immediate family and with Drew’s immediate family + grandparents. So much celebrating and so many gifts! Celebrating Jesus’ birthday through the eyes of children is pure magic.

-Seeing all of our immediate families this month was a HUGE highlight!

-Matching jammies & clothes with big sis Nora (more of a highlight for mom haha)

-Zoo lights (and s’mores) with nana & Pappy!

-Children’s museum twice with Chloe & Genna!

Things we’ve learned

-Ava LOVES to talk! She babbles “mama” and “dada” a lot, but generally likes to make noises ha.

-She’s crawling everywhere, and getting faster!

-Ava loves to be near (which is so fun with her crawling because if Nora or I leave a room, she’s never far behind which melts me)

-Home girl has an appetite! She LOVES eating solid foods & sitting at the table with us for meals.

Cheers to 8 months sweet pea!

sleepy baby on the way to JT & Em’s engagement party and home from Aunt Addie’s game (crazy but yes they were the same day!)
morning & bedtime snuggles

Until next month!



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